Intelligent Energy enters into agreement to develop embedded fuel cell technology for smartphones

Intelligent Energy, the fuel cell technology company originating from Loughborough University research and headquartered at its Science and Enterprise Park, has entered into an agreement with an emerging smartphone OEM to create a tailored development and integration programme for a specific smartphone application. 

This exciting announcement is the culmination of Intelligent Energy’s engagement with a significant number of parties across the full Consumer Electronics (CE) spectrum in relation to its embedded fuel cell technology.

It is intended that the programme will build on Intelligent Energy’s existing prototype smartphone with an embedded fuel cell and may, in time, result in the licensing of Intelligent Energy’s technology.  In the short-term, once the programme is agreed, Intelligent Energy would generate revenue from delivery of the programme.  

With smartphones using an ever increasing amount of power as they become more sophisticated, consumers are becoming increasingly frustrated with the current limitations of battery life. Embedding a fuel cell into the phone, using hydrogen to power it, means consumers can have off grid power for their phones when and where they want. Intelligent Energy’s solution retains the smartphone’s existing technology including its battery.

Julian Hughes, Acting Managing Director for Intelligent Energy’s Consumer Electronics division, said: “We believe embedding fuel cell technology into portable devices provides a solution to the current dilemma of battery life. We already have working prototypes so we are delighted to move to the next stage of development and look forward to further relationships of this type as OEMs show increasing interest in our capabilities.”

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