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HPC Midlands – The Future is Here

HPC Midlands is among four winners of The Future is Here competition – jointly run by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and the Design Museum, London.

The competition called for images that offered “a glimpse of the future, today” and the University’s Photography team produced an iconic image of the technology that will dominate our future in all aspects – high performance computing.

In response to the award, the HPC Midlands Centre Manager, Martin Hamilton said: “We are thrilled to have been chosen as the image of the future. The impact that HPC can have on the innovation and competitiveness of UK companies and the way that social interactions and infrastructure will be influenced is hard to over-estimate.

“Making powerful facilities like this accessible to a much wider range of companies – especially smaller, local businesses – offers enormous potential. The advantages are not only with the machine, but in working more closely with an outstanding organisation like Loughborough University.”

The high performance computing facility – based at Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Parks and home to Hera, a 3,000-core state of the art supercomputer with 100 TB of storage and superfast connectivity – was established to offer flexible, secure and affordable supercomputing services on a scale that previously only the largest of organisations could benefit from.

Dr Steven Kenny, Director of HPC Midlands said: “We’ve already seen successful global businesses benefit from working with us – including E.ON, Rolls-Royce and Tata Steel – and increasingly we are seeing smaller companies realising the advantages that HPC Midlands can give to them.”

The team is certainly enjoying a run of success in recognition of its pioneering work in making e-infrastructure directly accessible to industry and breaking down the barriers that prevent engagement.

In November, the Centre was nominated for the Times Higher Education’s Outstanding Contribution to Innovation and Technology Award which recognises breakthroughs in the University sector that have a direct impact on the UK economy.

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