Loughborough graduates launch free-from food delivery company

Loughborough graduates Craig Wallace and Liam Doolan with partner Ashleigh Wallace have launched a unique company providing customers with delicious home delivered gluten and dairy free foods.

Crate of Nothing, launched in January 2014 provides those who follow a gluten or dairy free diet with delicious meals, ingredients, snacks and recipes.

Sourcing products from the finest artisan bakers and chefs in the UK who specialise in gluten and diary free food, enables Crate of Nothing to offer a wide range of free-from food that isn’t readily available in supermarkets.

The first crate – ‘The Sweet One’ was delivered on 1st February and provided customers with products including diary-free cake pops, macaroons, baking ingredients and a recipe from the Blogger of the Month.

Craig said: “I have quite a few friends who are gluten and dairy intolerant. I was fed up of them having to settle for fruit salad for dessert and missing out on the tastiness of cake!  Some of the stuff you buy in the supermarkets is drab and tasteless and I knew there had to be bakers and chefs out there under the radar who would jump at the chance to change the face of free-from food.”

The potential for Crate of Nothing to expand is vast, with markets such as egg free, soya free and nut free all being potential markets to target.

The next crate is due for despatch on March 1st with more gluten and diary free products being delivered. 

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