New research project seeking participants for a study on genetics and health

Researchers at Loughborough University are seeking participants for a new study aiming to provide a greater understanding about the interaction between exercise and genetics in regards to appetite and gastrointestinal hormones.

The participants required are healthy males aged between 18-50.

Information collected during a one hour screening will include previous medical history, food preferences, physical activity status, and measurements of height, body weight, waist circumference and percentage body fat.

Some participants will be invited back for future trials looking at how exercise influences appetite and gut hormones.

James Dorling, PhD Research Student at Loughborough University said:

“It has now been established that various genes can influence body weight. Recent evidence suggests that minor variations in peoples’ DNA are associated with differences in food intake.

“More specifically, it has been shown that variations (polymorphisms) in DNA can cause alterations in the release of ghrelin (an appetite stimulating hormone released by the gut), which informs brain circuits and subsequently enhances appetite.

“Thus, our study aims to establish a database of participants who, based on their physical characteristics, lifestyle and genetic polymorphisms, will be potentially invited to take part in future studies looking at the effects of exercise on appetite and gut hormones.”

The research project is being funded by Loughborough University and University College London.

For further details about the study contact James Dorling, PhD Research Student, via 07548 844909 or

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