18 Apr 2016

Graduate launches campaign to end wrap rage for good with handy new invention

Developed with the support of the Studio, Loughborough’s creative hub, Nimble is the world's first safe to use, one finger cutting tool that makes opening packets and parcels quicker and easier.

Nimble is designed for use by everyone but its unique design makes it particularly beneficial to people with disabilities. 

Designed with a safe blade profile, Nimble’s patent pending one-finger operation makes it accessible for people with limited hand mobility, joint pain, little-to-no hand strength, hand tremors, reduced hand-eye co-ordination and, for people with only one usable hand such as stroke victims or amputees.

The product allows individuals to become more self-sufficient rather than relying on others for help when conducting simple tasks.

Nimble has been extensively tested and, trialled in high-street store, BHS. Following initial success, creator Simon is ready to take his product into mass manufacture for distribution across suppliers and retail outlets nationwide.

Simon has worked hard to secure a portion of the funding needed to get his idea off the ground but still requires help from sponsors to enable Nimble to go into full production.

Kickstarter is a platform that helps to bring creative projects to life with the help of pre-order funding from backers around the world. Simon’s campaign has a target of £5k which he hopes to raise in 30 days. Pledges can be made from as little as £1 with rewards on offer to sponsors.

Commenting on his campaign, Simon said: “It’s been a whirlwind of a year taking Nimble from a handmade prototype all the way to a trial at BHS and I’m excited to now be taking the final step and getting Nimble produced on a larger scale.”

Simon, who graduated from Loughborough with first-class honours in Product Design Engineering in 2013, has received a number of national accolades including winner of the Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards 2014.

You can back Nimble now at a discount– click here to make a pledge