LU Arts welcome everyone to attend innovative branding workshops

LU Arts is running a series of exciting branding workshops throughout December and January as part of their Market Town project.

Market Town is part of its Radar programme. The ‘Brand News’ workshops, which are being led by artist Katherine Bohm and designers An Endless Supply, invite people to look at everyday products and un-brand them. 

Loughborough groups and individuals will take well-known products and items off the shelves and attempt to reimagine them.

Whether it’s reinventing the wrapper of an iconic chocolate bar, or designing the front pages of newspapers, attendees will get hands-on in the workshops and be given creative control to input their ideas.

Collectively, the workshops will re-brand the full product range from local corner shop, Ashby Square News. The new and redesigned products will go on display in the Market Corner Shop unit in Carillon Court.

For one day in February, the full range of reworked products will return to Ashby Square News and take over the shelves and display areas to see how popular and well received they are.

Brand News drop-in workshops are free to attend, with no booking required and will run from 3-5 December and 10-12 December from 11am – 4pm at Market Town Corner, Carillon Court.

Workshops will also run on 14-16 January 2016 from 11am – 4pm.

The shop launch at Ashby Square News is on Saturday 6 February from 11am – 4pm.

To get involved and to book a special or group workshop session, please contact Kate Self, T: 01509 222889, E:

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