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Armour ceramics - 4Kgf Vickers indentation on CVDSiC

Advanced Materials

Advanced materials research includes understanding, designing and engineering the structure of a material from atomistic to micron scale by correlating with material mechanical and functional properties, as well as chemical composition and processing conditions.

The research activities under the theme focus on following areas: advanced metals and ceramics at extreme conditions, energy materials, surface engineering, microstructure and property characterisation, and atomistic scale modelling.

Activities we address include but are not limited to:

  • High temperature oxidation of metals
  • Microstructural evolution of superalloys and steels during high temperature service
  • Precipitation effects in steels, stainless steels and aluminium alloys
  • Ultra high strength nano-quasicrystalline and nano-fibril alloys and composites
  • Use of large central synchrotron and neutron facilities applied to metallurgical problems
  • Microstructure and evolution of additive manufactured materials for high temperature applications
  • Microstructure characterisation and microanalysis of advanced structural and functional materials
  • Titanium alloy recycling using low temperature solid state consolidation method
  • Functional ceramic nanomaterials for energy conversion and storage
  • Ceramics, advanced and biocompatible polymers for biomedical applications
  • Solar hydrogen generation and solar cells
  • Nuclear materials, including ceramic composites, graphite and high entropy alloys
  • Smart materials for sensing, security and sports
  • Hydrophobic/icephobic surface and coatings
  • Carbon fibre reinforced carbon/ceramic composites for friction application
  • Armour ceramics
  • Understanding of materials damage
  • Understanding of degradation mechanisms for advanced alloys
  • Simulation of the growth of thin films photovoltaic devices
  • Polymer processing and the synthesis of advanced polymers and organic coatings

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