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Evening classes

**Registrations for Evening Classes now open**
In the context of COVID-19, we are not teaching our evening classes in person this semester. Instead, we are running a reduced offering of online courses. Groups will be small, to ensure learners can benefit from the teachers’ input, and we will regularly collect feedback, to ensure you are getting the most out of this format which is new for all of us. We will run two separate programmes:

Programme 1 (starts w/c 12th October):
Fast Track classes in French, German and Spanish. Building on our popular courses, we will run Fast Track 1 this semester and have added a new Fast Track 3 course.

Programme 2 (starts w/c 2nd November):
Beginner and post-beginner classes in Italian, Japanese, Mandarin and Russian. Part 1: a 5-week course in November; Part 2: a 10-week course in Semester 2; Part 3: 5 weeks in late Spring 2021.

Courses Offered in 2020-2021