Language Centre

About the Centre

Student smiling and studying with flags in background

The Language Centre is a team of 22 tutors from around the world, dedicated to helping you develop the skills to communicate in the language of your choice and become familiar with the cultural context that underpins it.

Classes are interactive, and our small-group communicative teaching provides all learners with a chance to practise and gain feedback on a regular basis.

All our tutors engage in continuous professional development activities at Loughborough University and further afield, to ensure that our teaching and learning methods keep evolving. We learn from and share best practice with colleagues locally, nationally and internationally.


We are collaborating with the Careers Network, the Employer Engagement Team, the International Mobility team, and the English Language Support Unit in order to provide content and approaches that are relevant to you now and for the future.

Where can you find us?

We are based in the Herbert Manzoni Building, where you will also find a resource centre equipped with PCs and a range of language learning tools, including dictionaries, CDs and DVDs.

  • Tutor open-plan offices: K 1.23 and K 1.30
  • Resource Centre: K 1.24
  • Language Centre Manager Office: K 1.26