Foundation studies

Staff profiles

Nicola Jennings

Nicola Jennings is the foundation programme leader.

Following completion of a Foundation course in Science at Stafford University she obtained  a BSc in Biomedicinal Chemistry and Biochemistry from Keele University in 1999, Nicola went on to study for her PhD in Organometllic Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry, Keele University. In 2001 she joined Keele University as a technician and teacher assistant.

After spending 3 years in Keele, Staffordshire, she joined Loughborough University as a Teaching Fellow within the Chemistry department. In 2007 she became Part A Coordinator, in 2015 Programme Director and 2017 Foundation Programme Leader.

Research Areas

Nicola’s main research areas include:

  • Bacterial Cell Synthesis
  • Pedagogy with a focus on technology enhanced learning

Teaching Responsibilities

  • FYF202 Synthesis and Spectroscopy
  • CMA103 Laboratory Skills 1
  • CMB103 Laboratory Skills 2
  • CMB108 Principles of Biological Chemistry
  • CMD401 Drugs: Modes of Action and Screening
  • CMD402 Drugs: Synthesis and Properties
  • CMP059 Pharmacokinetics and Drug Delivery