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Fees and financial support

The costs and financial support for UK/EU students explained.

Tuition fees

Loughborough University will charge full-time UK/EU entrants (including Isle of Man and the Channel Islands) tuition fees of £9,000 in 2016-17. This applies to all undergraduate programmes and the Foundation Studies course. The fee charged to those on their sandwich or placement year will be 20% of the full-time fee (i.e. £1,800). You should prepare for inflationary increases in future years. Please check the website before applying for the latest information.

Rather than pay your tuition fees while studying at the University, you can take out a Government Student Loan for Tuition, and defer payment until you have graduated and are earning a minimum salary.

A Guide to Student Fees and Funding

University finance can be a complicated topic, with varying amounts of money available depending on your personal circumstances – watch our short video guide for all you need to know about the fees and funding support for Higher Education.