Undergraduate study


Work or study abroad

Loughborough University actively encourages students to undertake international study exchanges or work placements overseas (through the Erasmus Programme).

Participating students can spend between 3 and 12 months at a university in another country as part of their degree, or spend a placement year working with an employer overseas.

In both cases the opportunity to gain insight into another culture, broaden experience and develop both intellectual and personal maturity, is invaluable.

As well as contributing towards their final degree, academic credit gained by students can also form part of a Diploma in Professional Studies (DPS) or Diploma in International Studies (DIntS).

Although students will experience studying in a multinational environment, many courses are taught in English.

For details of the Erasmus Programme, please contact the School/ Department Admissions Tutor or visit the European Study webpages.

The University also offers some non-Erasmus international exchanges outside Europe including Australia, Canada, USA and Singapore.

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