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At Loughborough, most of our students tell us that living in halls of residence is a huge part of the Loughborough experience.

When you start looking into accommodation you need to weigh up your options. There is a wide range of accommodation available to suit every budget and catering preference.

University’s halls of residence vary from institution but we can tell you a bit about ours so that you can get a feel for the choices you will get to make.

Our standard rooms have a bed, storage, desk, chair, shelves and a pin board. Depending on your choice of hall you will have either en-suite facilities or a shared bathroom.

As part of your accommodation you will also have access to laundry facilities, a games room, Hallnet (direct access to the University Intranet, with Wi-Fi), and a superb hall student committee who will be there to welcome you when you arrive, and be working round the clock to make sure you get the best hall life experience.

Take a look ar our virtual tours so you can see for youself what to expect. 

A big part of enjoying hall life is at meal times. We offer catered and self-catered accommodation. Catered means you get either 5 day (10 or 15 meals per week) or 7 day (19 meals per week) cooked for you and you and your friends go to breakfast, lunch and dinner together. This is a great time to socialise and the choice of food means you can always find something you like. If you do have any food requirements, allergies or intolerances, our staff will make sure there is something suitable for you. Self-catered means you will be cooking your own meals, usually in a shared kitchen with your hall friends.

Freshers 2015 Moving In (Day 1)

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Freshers 2015 Moving In (Day 2)

Vice-Chancellor Robert Allison welcomes new students as they move in to Halls.

Freshers 2015 Moving In (Day 3)

Find out what happens when you arrive in your hall and the various people you'll meet.

Once you have made your Firm and Insurance choices you will be given details on how you apply for a place in hall. Usually this is around May time and completed online. Our accommodation website has lots more information for when you get to this stage in the process.

For those who choose us as their Firm choice, you are guaranteed a place in halls. For those who choose us as Insurance, you will be able to apply but you might not get a place if demand is high. On these occasions we can help you find student accommodation close by to the University.

To help you make the right choices we have a helpful accommodation checklist.

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