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What will you do to enhance your university application?

There are lots of things you can do to help make a brilliant application and prepare you for university life.

Here are some of our favourites:

Read journals

Keeping up to date with recent developments in the field/profession that you are hoping to enter is a great way to demonstrate to Admissions Tutors, via your personal statement and/or interview, your commitment to the subject.


This is a fantastic way of adding to your existing skills in areas such as team work, communication and time management as well as supporting your local community.

Get a part time job

Developing skills in time management and organisation and can be used as an example to highlight your reliability, maturity and responsibility in an application.

Read about your chosen subject

Texts can not only strengthen your knowledge and understanding of a topic but also shows added enthusiasm towards your studies.

Get involved in extra curricular activities

Duke of Edinburgh, playing a musical instrument or sport can indicate that you have leadership skills and that you can commit to an activity over a long period of time. Taking part in field trips associated to your studies can show the inspiration behind your university choices.

Secure work experience placements

This can be time consuming and competitive so you need to be prepared to contact as many potential providers as possible and to think outside of the box! 

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