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Student handbook


In order to gain credit in a module you must achieve a mark of at least 40%. You will need to accumulate at least 100 credits to pass each year and qualify for an Honours degree. Many departments set additional requirements and there are some special requirements in the case of Engineering degrees with professional accreditation. Programme Regulations will tell you about these in more detail.

Your first year marks will not contribute to your final degree classification. Module marks awarded in each subsequent year will be used to calculate the Programme Mark by which your final degree classification will be determined. An average mark for each year will be calculated on the basis of your Module Marks and then the average marks for each year will be combined to determine your overall Programme Mark. The minimum Programme Marks required for each degree classification are:

First Class 70%
Second Class, Upper Division 60%
Second Class, Lower Division 50%
Third Class 40%

The Programme Board may, at it's discretion, lower any of these thresholds by 3%.

Further details of exactly how this scheme will apply to your programme of study can be found in your Programme Regulations.