Student handbook

Exams and assessments


Undergraduate Students

If you fail to progress to the next part of your programme – or fail to qualify for your intended award - you will have an opportunity for re-assessment. You will be permitted to resit any modules in which you have not gained credit or where you have failed to meet module mark requirements set out in your Programme Regulation. All of this will depend on your programme regulations but will be worked out and communicated to you, should you fail to progress. You cannot begin the next part of your programme (including industrial placements), or receive your degree before you have passed the year.

With the exception of Part A marks, all module marks awarded on re-assessment will be capped at 40% for the purposes of calculating your final programme mark and degree classification. Exception: if your programme regulations require a higher mark in a specific module, capping will be applied at the higher mark.

Re-assessment is available in the Special Assessment Period. However a few modules are not capable of being adequately re-assessed under these conditions, and in such cases re-assessment must be postponed until the next academic year. This is exceptional and will be clearly indicated in relevant module specifications. Please note that SAP reassessment is not available to students unless they obtain 60 credits from the Part at the first attempt. 

If you have the choice between Special Assessment Period re-assessment and re-assessment in the following year then you are not permitted to mix these by taking some in September and some the following year.

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Postgraduate Students

If you obtain less than 50% in a module it may be either necessary or desirable for you to take a reassessment - you will need detailed advice from your department about this. Reassessment may have to wait until the next time the module is offered but sometimes a department will arrange for the reassessment to be available earlier. All module marks awarded on reassessment will be capped at 50% for the purpose of calculating your programme mark.