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Exam rules and regulations

Don’t fall foul of academic misconduct. Remember the exam rules...

Make sure you’re aware of the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ of academic misconduct. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. Even if you accidentally break them it will still be seen as cheating.

Academic Misconduct

Academic misconduct covers a number of activities, including failure to comply with the exam rules of conduct and plagiarising someone else’s work. There’s a full definition in the Student Handbook and further information is available in the University Regulations.

Suspected incidents of academic misconduct are defined as minor or major, depending on their seriousness.

If you’re found guilty of a minor offence, the Minor Academic Misconduct Committee can issue a formal reprimand and/or reduce some or all of the marks you have obtained in the module concerned.

If you’re found guilty of a major offence, the Academic Misconduct Committee can impose one or more of a number of penalties, including the termination of your studies at Loughborough.

Other than in exceptional circumstances, incidents that occur in an exam hall will always be treated as a major offence.

If you’re concerned in any way about your studies, coursework or exams, there are lots of people who can offer your help and support. Speak to your personal tutor or your lecturer, contact Student Services at the University or get in touch with Student Voice in the Students’ Union.

Cheating is never the answer – it’s just not worth the risk.

More information is available online about examination regulations and examination hall procedures.