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Wide format (A0) printing

You can select wide format (A0) printing from any IT Services lab computers and can produce A0, A1, A2, or custom sized output (but nothing larger than A0).

This service is provided by Creative and Print Services located in the Herbert Manzoni Building (opposite the EHB). 

Printouts are regularly checked and added to the collection bins outside of the main counter area. Printouts cost £6.00 on plain paper or £9.00 on satin paper.

Printing from your Device

To connect your device to the A0 printer you will need to go to Start, type \\ and enter, then select the relevant Large Format printer to install it.

When selecting the printer for wide format output please use Large-Format-Poster-Plain for plain paper (A0 Plain on OS X), or Large-Format-Poster-Photo for satin paper (A0 Photo on OS X).

There is also a professional poster service available through Design and Print Services, for which further details can be found on their website at

Busy Times

Typically the Large Format printers can take up to 15 minutes to process one poster. During busy times queues can become very long, and it may take more than a day for your printout to appear.

We advise, particularly during these busy times, that you plan your work ahead, and start work on your project as early as possible, submitting jobs 24 hours in advance of its required date where possible. The busiest Large Format Printing weeks are:

  • Weeks 7, 11, and 12, Semester 1
  • Weeks 1, and 11 to 13, Semester 2


To keep the costs to the barest minimum, we will have to be strict on refunds where user error has caused a problem. Refunds are only available when caused by a technical fault.

Learn how to setup your device: