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Health and Safety


Management of Asbestos

Biological Safety Policy

Blood Borne Viruses Policy

Chemical Safety Policy

Compressed Gases - Policy and Guidance on Safe Use and Storage

Control of Hand Arm Vibration

Controlling Noise at Work Policy

Construction (Small Works) Policy

Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Policy

Driving and Transport Policy

Electricity at Work Policy and Code of Practice

Organisational Chart for Effective High Voltage Control

Organisational Chart for Effective Low Voltage Control

University Event Safety Policy

Facilities Infrastructure Group (FIG) Safety Management System

Fieldwork Health and Safety Policy and Guidance

Fieldwork Health and Safety Policy and Guidance (Editable Version)

Fire Safety Policy

Policy for Safe Working on Fire Alarm Systems

Health and Safety Policy V5

Ionising Radiation

Laser Safety Policy

Use of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Systems

Lone Working

Policy for the Management of Gas Installations

Management of Risks Associated with Plant, Equipment and Building Installations

Manual Handling Policy

Non-Ionising Radiation Policy (Excluding Lasers)

Pathogens Excluding Blood Borne Viruses Policy

Personal Evacuation Policy (PEEPS)

Personal Protective Equipment Policy and Guidance

Reporting of Accident, Dangerous Occurances & Occupational Ill Health Policy

Risk Assessment Policy

SecurityThreats and Suspicious Packages Policy

Smoking Policy

Student (UG) Placement Policy

Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) (Drone) Policy

Management of Water Hygiene Policy

Water Safety Plan Book 1 - General Considerations

Water Safety Plan Book 2 - FM Services Management

Water Safety Plan Book 3 - Projects & Capital Management

Water Safety Plan Book 4 - Contingency



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