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AED Checklist

Accident & Near Miss / Dangerous Occurrence Report Form - Online Portal

Health and Safety Service's Accident and Near Miss / Dangerous Occurrence forms have been replaced by a new online reporting system.  These forms are available through a web portal, no log in is required.  Use the link below to access the web portal.  

Incident / Near Miss Report Form

Application Form for Loan of Fire Fighting Equipment

COSHH/Risk Assessment Form - This form will not load in Google Chrome

Fire Incident Report Form (editable version)

Fire Incident Report Form

First Aid Treatment Form

Generic Event Risk Assessment

Generic Fieldwork Risk Assessment Form

Guide for New Radiation User RP11

Hall Events - Risk Assessment Template

Hepatitis B and Biological Agent Form

Incident Investigation Report Form - Word editable version

Isotope Stock Sheet RP1

Monthly Isotope Usage Summary Sheet RP3

Notification Form for Events Including Barbecues

Outdoor Events Activities Approval Form

Radiation Incident Form Open Source RP24a

Radiation Incident Form Sealed Source RP24b

Incident Form X-ray RP24c

Radioactive Waste Sheet

Radiation Worker Record Form RP8

Research Passport OH Questionnaire

Risk Assessment - Compressed Gas

Risk Assessment - DSEAR

Risk Assessment - Lone Worker

New Electronic Risk Assessment Form - Generic (Will not load in Google Chrome)

Risk Assessment - Generic Word editable version

Risk Assessment - Noise Monitoring

Risk Assessment - Pregnancy

Risk Assessment - Radiation Closed Sources

Risk Assessment - Radiation Open Sources

Risk Assessment Register - School/Departmental

RP25 Transfer of Items or Sources Form Radioactive Areas

RP26 – Radiological Justification and Waste Calculation

Training for Radiation Workers RP7

RP4-UTh Stock Sheet

U & Th Usage Summary Sheet

U & Th Waste Sheet

Vibration Risk Assessment Form

Vibration Labels (FM1)

Vibration Labels (FM2)



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