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Welcome to Loughborough Student Finance Matters

This page provides information which will assist you in understanding how the Student Finance team will interact with you during your time at the University. It will also detail the billing process for tuition, accommodation and other costs, and how these can easily be paid to the University.

Also included are links to other important support services outside of the Finance team. It is often difficult for a new student to find the correct person or department to speak to but if in doubt please contact Student Services on this weblink Student Advice and Support Service or call 01509 222058.

We are responsible for maintaining student account records held within the University’s Agresso financial accounting system. These records include all bills, fees, payments and associated transactions. Some of this information is integrated with the student portal LUSI which maintains academic records for individual students.

The University provides a unique opportunity for learning and development and the resources on offer provide the scope to have a life changing experience. However, there are obligations and conditions which need to be met to ensure that the partnership is equal and stress free. The FSS team are here to assist with your University experience, give support wherever possible or signpost to someone who may be better placed to help. However, we cannot give individual financial advice or discuss personal budgetary matters.


Rutland Counter Opening Hours

Monday - Tuesday - Thursday 9.15am - 5.15pm
Wednesday 9.15am - 4.00pm
Friday 9.15am - 4.45pm

Tuition Fees

If you have tuition fees to pay to the University and you are not going to be paying via Direct Debit, the following payment deadlines apply:

  1. Payment in full by 17th November 2017 or
  2. Payment via three equal termly instalments, due by 17th November 2017, 26th January 2018 and 4th May 2018.

If you have elected to pay for Tuition Fees via Direct Debit, payments will be deducted from your nominated bank account in three termly instalments: namely 17th November 2017, 26th January 2018 and 4th May 2018.

Please note that change cannot be given when Travellers' Cheques are presented in payment of student fees.

A full schedule of 'Tuition Fees', can be obtained by visiting the Tuition Fees and Financial Support website.

Accommodation Fees

If you are not going to be paying by Direct Debit, accommodation fees are payable in three termly instalments, the following deadlines applying:

Autumn term 17th November 2017
Spring term 26th January 2018
Summer term 4th May 2018

Other charges

Fines, Course Materials, Field Trips, Registration Fee, Travel Fund, Extra Nights in Hall and Chemistry Locker Deposits will also be charged to some students. These should be paid by the due date showing on the bill.