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The LiQUiD Lab (Loughborough’s Qualitative Digital Research Laboratory) was set up in 2009 as a peer-to-peer network for qualitative postgraduate researchers.

It is now an interdisciplinary network covering qualitative postgraduate students across all departments/schools to create opportunities to share knowledge of qualitative methods and research techniques. The main role of the LiQUiD Lab is to organise events that facilitate peer-to-peer learning and provide support for qualitative researchers.

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Ethics in Qualitative Research – 7/11/2017

The first LiQUiD Lab event of the 2017/18 academic year centred on the ethical problems and queries which all researchers face before, during and after data collection. Jackie Green, Secretary Ethics Approvals (Human participants) Sub-Committee, explained the process of applying for ethical approval for a research project in Loughborough University. This was followed by PhD researchers, from across the social sciences, facilitating interactive roundtables to discuss their ethical research experiences. These discussions covered a plethora of ethical concerns encountered during research using online data collection, employing innovative data collection methods, and working with/ interviewing children, adolescents and vulnerable people.

Qualitative Data Analysis – 6/02/2018

The second LiQUiD Lab event of the 2017/18 academic year first introduced the ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ considerations of undertaking qualitative data analysis. The workshop then drew upon expertise from invited expert speakers in the areas of thematic, narrative and discourse analysis. Postgraduate attendees then had the opportunity to practically engage with various methods through round-table workshops. This event provided a great opportunity for postgraduates to recognise the various data used by researchers, gain practical experience of using a plethora of the methods available, and reflect upon their own research analysis needs.

Participatory Methods in Qualitative Research – 24/04/2018

The third event of the LiQUiD Lab calendar will be on ‘participatory research’. Speakers who are engaged in a host of participatory research methods will provide an open forum for discussion/workshops. Attendees will explore ways of research that emphasise data co-creation and empowering participants through the research process. This event will primarily focus on working with children and young people, but will also encompass ways of researching which put participants at the centre of the process.

Qualitative Research Impact – 10/5/2018

This event is being supported by the LiQUiD Lab team and further details will be forthcoming.

Qualitative Data Collection – 31/05/2018

The fourth LiQUiD Lab event of the academic year will focus on the variety of methods that qualitative researchers use to collect their data. Roundtable discussions will allow for attendees to engage with discussions that explore methods such as; archival research, observations research, visual methods, interviews, and focus groups.