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The LiQUiD Lab (Loughborough’s Qualitative Digital Research Laboratory) was set up in 2009 as a peer-to-peer network for qualitative postgraduate researchers.

It is now an interdisciplinary network covering qualitative postgraduate students across all departments/schools to create opportunities to share knowledge of qualitative methods and research techniques. The main role of the LiQUiD Lab is to organise events that facilitate peer-to-peer learning and provide support for qualitative researchers.

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Upcoming Events:

Ethics in Qualitative research workshop - 7/11/2017

The first LiQUiD Lab event of the 2017/18 academic year is fast approaching! Drawing on personal experiences, a panel of postgraduates from across the social sciences will facilitate discussion and debate around ethical dilemmas that could be experienced during the research process. A free event open to all Loughborough postgrads.
Book here to take part.

Qualitative data analysis - 6/02/2018

The second LiQUiD Lab event of the 2017/18 academic year will be a run through of the various qualitative approaches to different data. Drawing on expertise from invited speakers, postgraduates will have the opportunity to hear about the various data used by researchers and the methods, and theory which underpin their research.

Advanced NVivo workshop - March/April 2018

Following the Doctoral College’s introduction to NVivo, LiQUiD Lab will be hosting an advanced workshop for postgraduates. This will be held in a computer lab with invited practitioners of NVivo and spaces will be limited. You will have to demonstrate that you have participated in the Doctoral College’s Introduction to NVivo workshop, or that you are a competent user of NVivo already.

Qualitative Research and Participation - April/May 2018

The fourth event of the LiQUiD Lab calendar will be on ‘participatory research’, this will include speakers which are engaged with participatory research. This event will primarily focused on working with children and young people, but will also encompass ways of working which put participants at the centre of research.

Visual Methods in Qualitative Research - May/June 2018

The LQD Lab's final event of the academic year will focus on using visual methods in qualitative research. It will feature ‘lightning talks’ on using visual tools within research, collecting visual data, and analysing and presenting visual data, followed by roundtable discussions with each of the guest speakers.