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Cumberland Lodge Scholarship Scheme 2018-2020

The Scholarship

This is a two-year programme for doctoral students studying at universities in the UK, designed to fit around their studies. The scholarship offers a unique opportunity for students from any discipline to develop skills in communication, public engagement, and interdisciplinary working. Seven scholarships are available each year. This year’s successful scholars will join the Lodge from September 2018 to September 2020.

What the Scholarship involves

From the Scholar

  • Attendance at two conferences per year, an annual Scholars’ Retreat in September, and Annual Lecture
  • Facilitation at events
  • Submission of a blog and newsletter article on conferences attended

From Cumberland Lodge

  • Mentoring in intellectual leadership
  • Involvement in cross-disciplinary debates on important social and ethical issues
  • Training in communication and public engagement
  • Networking opportunities with senior academics and people in public life
  • A personal development grant of up to £300
  • Free food, accommodation and travel whilst staying at Cumberland Lodge

Application Process

Applicants must be studying for a doctorate in the UK and be able to commit to a two-year programme. Please complete the application form and send to the Doctoral College by noon on Wednesday 21st March (please put ‘Cumberland Lodge’ in the email subject bar). Shortly after this date we will review and select applications to submit to Cumberland Lodge on Friday 30th March. For more information click here.

Hints and Tips

In the past, successful Cumberland Lodge applicants:

  • Explained their ideas in a way that could be understood by non-specialists
  • Did not focus solely on their research (i.e. they mentioned extra-curricular interests)
  • Demonstrated that they new the ethos of Cumberland Lodge and how they would contribute towards it.