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Café Academique

We are pleased to announce the return of Café Academique.

This is a unique, popular, social and educational event for you to share and discuss your research in a relaxed and informal setting whilst enjoying a free pizza with a range of drinks!

The latest Café Academique of 2017 took place on Thursday 6th July and featured four superb talks from the following Doctoral Researchers:

  • Avinoam Baruch"How citizen science could change the way we respond to disasters"  - School of Social, Political and Geographical Sciences

  • Matthew Healey - "Tainted blood: A search for prions" - School of Science

  • Sophia Tetteh - “How to design a face”  - Loughborough Design School

  • Aron Sherry - “Should we have chair-free classrooms?” - School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences

If you missed or want to re-live the last Café Academique you can view the recording via LEARN here and also follow the Twitter activity via #LboroDCCafe.

Want to present at a future Café Academique?

Please get in touch with Dr Katryna Kalawsky via email and provide the following information:

  • Name
  • School/Dept.
  • Year of study
  • An attention/interest sparking title 
  • A brief description of your research (consider what? why? how? what? so what?)

Want to be part of the audience of a future Café Academique?

  • To book your place to attend Café Academique in Loughborough please click here.
  • To book your place to attend Café Academique at the London Campus please click here.
  • Or, watch the live stream via the "ReVIEW" logo in the top right hand corner of the Cafe Academique Learn page.