Prospective students

How to apply as an Undergraduate student

Living on campus is a unique opportunity and you'll get to enjoy hall life, settle in quickly and have everything you need close by.

You apply for your hall accommodation using our online room reservation system.

If you pick Loughborough as your Firm choice you can choose where you want to live from a selection of room types in a variety of locations. 

We recommend you have a list ready of your preferred room options before you go online to reserve your room. Don’t just have one choice; all our halls have excellent reputations so you can have a range of preferences. 

The application process

Step 1 – Research

You will receive an email from the Student Accommodation Centre to advise you when and how to apply (see our announcements for the latest update).  Please browse our halls online or even better, come and visit us at an Open Day to familiarise yourself with the different accommodation options. 

Step 2 – Registration

Follow the links to 'Accommodation Login' and follow the instructions. Don’t forget to make a note of your username and password.

You will be taken through the short registration process and when this is complete you will receive a confirmation email.  The Student Accommodation Centre will then notify you when you are eligible to process to the application stage. 

Step 3 – Application

Once your academic place has been confirmed, you will be eligible to apply for accommodation. Please login to your accommodation account and follow the instructions. 

Firm choice students

Room reservation

If you have an unconditional offer you can reserve your room from the end of May. Conditional offer holders will be eligible from mid-August.

You will see a list of rooms available and have the option to filter on area, room type or catering.  Once selected, this room will be held for you for 15 minutes while you reserve your room and your contract is created. If you do not reserve the room in the allotted time it will be released to other students. 

Insurance/Clearing students

Room preference

You can select three preferences based on an area of the campus, room type and catering. We will then send you an email summarising your request.

Our team will then use your preferences as a guide when allocating accommodation. Please note that depending on availability we are not able to guarantee that you will be offered your preferred room type. The system will take into account both your preference options and date of application.

Once you have been allocated your room and your Loughborough University Student ID number (normally issued six weeks before you start), you will receive an email confirming your accommodation offer and how accept this online. Please note, we will use your email address as specified on your university application.

Step 4 – Accommodation Contract

You will be required to enter your username and password to accept the contract online.  You will be entering into a legally binding agreement with the University, your landlord. 

Please make sure you:

  • Confirm your room by accepting our Terms & Conditions and online contract.
  • Pay your Room Bond once you have been issued with your University Student ID number (for example B******). You will be sent a confirmation email to acknowledge your successful transaction.
  • Complete the online induction and book your arrival slot.

Please contact the Student Accommodation Centre if you experience problems applying for your accommodation.