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Transfer request form

By completing this form you are registering a request to be considered to transfer to an alternative room in our halls of residence. Your name will be placed on our waiting list and when we have a suitable vacant room we will contact you.

Undergraduates - If you wish to move to a vacant room or register on our waiting list, please complete this form.

Postgraduates - You may register on our waiting list however, due to the limited availability of postgraduate accommodation, we will only be able to consider you for a move if we can arrange a suitable swap with another postgraduate student.

Applying to be on our waiting list

This form can only be used if you are currently residing in a room in University Halls of Residence.

In the first instance please speak to your Warden if something in particular is affecting or upsetting you - they will do everything they can to help sort out the problem. Alternatively you can speak in confidence to an Accommodation Consultant - please come into the Student Accommodation Centre.

Where you live is a very important part of your life at University. If you're not completely happy with your accommodation there are several options:

Move to a vacant room within your current hall
Move to a vacant room in a different hall
Register on our waiting list

Please refer to our website for further information on the transfer process.

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