Current students

Laundry facilities

We have several wash stations on campus for our students living in halls.

University halls

There is no need to find the correct change as the machines can either be operated using apple pay or a credit/debit card.

The machines are easy to use and your laundry will be completed in 4 easy steps:

  1. Load clothes into the machine and shut machine door
  2. Pay for laundry at central pay station using a smart phone or debit/credit card
  3. Select machine used on central pay station
  4. Return to machine and select required cycle

Wash (30 minutes): £2.80

Dry (45 minutes): £1.40

Washstation’s unique online machine viewing allows you to view the availability of washing machines and tumble dryers in the laundry room. The machine will either show in use or available, the machine in use will display the remaining cycle time. To view your laundry room please click here

Village Park (The Hub) - to view availability, see Circuit Laundry.

Wash £2.80/Dry £1.30

Other halls

Laundry facilities are available in these halls, however machine availability is not viewable online. Please note, these halls operate a cash only service.

£2.60 per wash (£2.90 for super cycle) and £1.30 per dryer (William Morris, The Holt and Harry French)

If you have any problems or need to report any maintenance issues please report to your Hall Reception.