Scholarly Communications


What is an ORCID?

An ORCID is a unique identifier which you can use to ensure that your work is associated with you. ORCIDs are used by an increasing number of researchers, funders, and publishers.

Why get an ORCID?

  • It will be easier for you to get credit for all your work and to be identified as the author.
  • ORCIDs are free, quick, and easy to set up and they go with you for the whole of your academic career. They are independent of the University.
  • Many funders and publishers now mandate ORCIDs.
  • Having an ORCID helps to promote your research.
  • An ORCID makes it easier to share information about your research activities between services and systems.

How do I get an ORCID?

If you haven’t already got an ORCID then you can either go straight to the ORCID website and register or sign up through LUPIN. Signing up via LUPIN will automatically link your ORCID record with your LUPIN profile.

Linking my existing ORCID to LUPIN

  • Log into LUPIN
  • Click on the pink tab ‘menu’
  • Under ‘manage’ and ‘publications’ you’ll see ‘search settings’, click on this
  • If you scroll to the bottom of the page you’ll see ORCID and have the option here to ‘configure’ by setting up an ORCID account or configuring with one you already have
  • If you already have an ORCID profile you will be asked to log into ORCID and allow ORCID to send information to LUPIN. You do this by entering your ORCID log in details at the following screen and clicking on Authorize. You are then returned to your LUPIN profile.

Existing ORCID profile

Creating a new ORCID and linking it to LUPIN

  • If you don’t have an ORCID profile when you arrive at the ORCID pages via LUPIN, you will be asked to register for ORCID.
    • Click on “Register”

 ‌Create ORCID Profile

  • Enter your details and choose your privacy setting

 ORCID register screen

  • Click on authorize to allow ORCID to send information to LUPIN. You can withdraw this authorisation at any time.

ORCID Authorize screen