Research challenges

Communication, Culture and Citizenship

Communication can bring people together, but can also tear communities apart.

Our research advances the understanding of the processes which people are included and excluded, helping to create more equal and just societies where individuals can flourish as citizens.

We address the problematics of inclusion (the structures and histories that may prevent or enable), the performance of inclusion (the complex ways in which communality is expressed and articulated through social and cultural activities) and the practices of inclusion (the development of innovative strategies, policies and products to promote greater opportunity, equality and participation).

Research in Communication, Culture and Citizenship informs Loughborough’s other Challenges, particularly in our multi-disciplinary approaches to focusing on the needs of sustainable societies, the opportunities and challenges that new forms of digital communication pose for communities and identities, and how culture and communication affect health and well-being.

Please see the Secure and Resilient Societies, Enabling Technologies and Health and Well-being Challenges.