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The following videos of Inaugural Lectures are available:

Professor Bob Young

Information Revolution: Transforming Manufacture through Shared Understanding

25 February 2015

Professor Tom Jackson

The Connected Jungle and the Digital Tree

4 February 2015

Professor Vicky Goosey-Tolfrey

Wheelchair Sport: Pushing from Atlanta to Rio

14 January 2015

Professor Andrew Morris

A brief journey through road transport safety

10 December 2014

Professor Graham Murdock

Reclaiming the Commons: Public culture in digital times

29 October 2014

Professor Simon Watson

Reap the wild wind

8 October 2014

Professor Russell Harris

3D Printing: Rediscovering the power of making

11 June 2014

Professor Paul Turner

Back to the Future: Why the future of macroeconomics lies in its past

21 May 2014

Professor Karen O'Reilly

Lifestyle migration: a harmless search for the good life or neo-colonialism?

30 April 2014

Professor Sergey Saveliev

Nano and bio-devices driven by noise

9 April 2014

Professor Stephen Rice

Seds, bugs and rocks that roll: how animals create habitat and landscapes

19 March 2014

Professor Uwe Thiele

The rugged beauty of drying and crystallisation patterns

19 February 2014

Professor Malcolm Cook

Modelling the invisible: indoor air quality and building energy

5 February 2014

Professor David Deacon

Engaging News? Journalists, news sources and their elusive audiences

11 December 2013

Professor Jenny Harding

Knowledge and teamwork: but all in Moderation

20 November 2013

Professor Jacqui Glass

Stones, phones and London 2012: the story of responsible sourcing

30 October 2013

Professor Ralph Gottschalg

Generating Electricity from the Sun – Is this feasible in the UK?

9 October 2013

Professor Lee Miles

Painful Choices? Nation States and European Integration

29 May 2013

Professor Tracy Bhamra

Designing the Future

15 May 2013

Professor Bucur Mircea Novac

Pulsed Power: The most powerful pack a punch solution

20 March 2013

Professor Ruth Kinna

"Self seekers, Madmen and Poets"

27 February 2013

Professor Tarek Hassan

Construction Informatics: From simple tools to smart buildings

6 February 2013

Professor Ilan Oshri

Global sourcing or sourcing the globe?

16 January 2013

Professor Ray Dawson

Being Right is Not Good Enough – Why knowledge management initiatives fail

5 December 2012

Professor Stewart Robinson

Simple Models for a Complex World

14 November 2012

Professor Shahin Rahimifard

How can we 'manufacture' a sustainable future for 9 billion people?

24 October 2012

Professor Richard Stobart

What is the future for Diesel's engine?

3 October 2012

Professor Andy West

Intelligent and Integrated Systems: why I love engineering and sport and physics and ...

20 June 2012

Professor Huaizhong Zhao

Stochastic (Partial) Differential Equations and Stochastic Dynamical Systems

30 May 2012

Professor Clive Edwards

The chair: just somewhere to sit?

18 April 2012

Professor Elizabeth Stokoe

The Systematics of Social Interaction

21 March 2012

Professor Alistair Milne

Risk Appetite and Risk Aggregation: Do banks understand what they are doing?

29 February 2012

Professor Barry Sharp

From Laboratory to Clinic - Analytical Chemistry in Action

8 February 2012

Professor Phillip Stern

Myths, reality and the importance of brands

9 February 2011