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Women and Leadership in the Olympic Movement: an analysis of women in leadership positions in National Olympic Committees and International Federations (2009-2010).

This project was commissioned from COS&R by the IOC (2009-2010) and is co-directed by Prof. In Henry and Dr. Leigh Robinson. It is a follow-on study from an earlier project which addressed progress in meeting the IOC's targets in respect of women recruited to National Executive Committees of NOCs. The second study focuses on the issue of women's experience of election to the leading posts on those Executives, and includes on this occasion women in key roles in†IFs as well as NOCs.

Gender Equity And Leadership In Olympic Bodies

…galitť Des Sexes Et Fonctions Dirigeantes dans Les Instances Olympiques

Further details from Ian Henry (I.P.Henry@lboro.ac.uk)

International Inspiration: Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Projects in Sport in 5 Nation States (Azerbaijan, Brazil, India, Palau, Zambia)

This study was commissioned by UK Sport from a 'Loughborough Partnership',†between COS&R (Prof. Ian Henry and Dr Ling-Mei Ko),†the Institute of Youth Sport (Dr. Tess Kay, & Dr. Ruth Jeanes) and Professor Fred Coalter (University of Stirling) The project will review Phase 1 of the International Inspiration Programme, which involves a partnership between UK Sport, UNICEF, and the British Council.

Phase 1 delivers projects in five countries, aimed at promoting sporting opportunity, developing physical education curricula and links with British Schools, and the use of sports initiatives to contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development goals.†The programme was developed as a response to Lord Coe's claims at the final presentation of London's bid to host the 2012 Games, that London 2012 would make a difference to "the youth of the world".

For more information contact Director of the Project, Professor Ian Henry (I.P.Henry@lboro.ac.uk)

Sport, Muslim Identities and Cultures in the UK: Case studies of Leicester and Birmingham

In its bid to stage the 2012 Olympics, London made great play of its multicultural makeup as a context for welcoming the world's athletes. The communities in East London certainly reflect cultural diversity. This project which is funded by the British Academy and undertaken by Dr. Mahfoud Amara (Project Director) and Professor Ina Henry (Co-investigator) is thus part of a wider research programme aimed at exploring the links between ethno-religious groups, ways of life and Western sport.

The focus of this particular research project is an evaluation of how Muslims in two specific local contexts, in the UK (Leicester in the East Midlands; Birmingham in the West Midlands) make sense of the relationship between their socio-religious identities and sporting interests. Leicester in the East Midlands and Birmingham in the West Midlands have been selected because they represent respectively one of the most ethnically diverse areas in Britain and a domicile of the third of the Muslim population in Britain according to (ONS) 2002 census figures. The study will investigate the place of male and female sport within Muslim communities in Leicester and Birmingham by reference to the perspectives of individuals and religious leaders.

The project will provide a basis for developing methods and approaches to be employed in East London, specifically in relation to cultural engagement with Olympic sport by Muslim communities.

Finally, the project will seek to foster the establishment of an academic network engaged in research on Muslim ways of life in contemporary Britain.

For information on this project please contact the Project Director, Dr Mahfoud Amara (M.Amara@lboro.ac.uk)

Combating Racism through Sport and Youth Empowerment: a policy review

This study was commissioned by UNESCO from COS&R (Prof I. Henry, Dr. M. Amara, and Dr. L. Ko) in 2009. The report reviewed

  • the nature and range of policy responses adopted to address aspects of racism and their implications for sports policy;

  • identified examples of particular organisations and their programmes which address the issues associated with tackling racism in sport and using sport as a vehicle to address such problems, in other words tackling racism through sport;

  • and considered the evidence which exists, and the approaches to gathering evidence which might be adopted, to demonstrate the effectiveness or otherwise of these approaches.

Further details from Ian Henry ( I.P.Henry@lboro.ac.uk)

The Roles of Women in Sport Policy , Management and Administration in the UK and Taiwan.

Funded by the British Academy and the Taiwan Science Council, 2009-2011, this project involves COS&R (Dr. Ling-Mei Ko and Professor Ian Henry) in partnership with Professor Chi-Fu Cheng, and Dr. Tien-Chin Tan, and Dr Mei-Chun Lin,†National Taiwan University, and Dr. Ping-Chao Lee National Taichung University. The project incorporates a comparative analysis of women's experience of gaining access to, and acting in, senior posts in sport policy and administration in both societies. The incorporates†two workshops (one in each country) which will bring together academic and policy relevant themes (addressing analysis of, and analysis for, policy).

Further details from Ian Henry (I.P.Henry@lboro.ac.uk)

'Study on the Training of Sportsmen and Women in Europe'

This European Commission funded project 2007 was directed by INUEM Consulting (Paris). COS&R (Dr. Dawn Aquilina and Professor Henry) was commissioned to undertake the UK survey element of this study identifying and evaluating approaches to training adopted in a range of sports in the UK.

Further details from Ian Henry (I.P.Henry@lboro.ac.uk)

Review of the Involvement of Higher and Further Education in the Preparation, Staging and Legacy of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

This study reviewed the contribution of the education sector to the staging of the Beijing Games. The study was the product of a partnership between COS&R and the Irish Institute of†Chinese Studies, University College Cork (Professors Henry and Fan Hong and Xiang Zhou). The study was commissioned by PODIUM (the body representing Higher and Further Education in London 2012)

The final report is available on the PODIUM web site http://www.podium.ac.uk/resources/academic-research

Further details from Ian Henry (I.P.Henry@lboro.ac.uk)

Lessons from Previous Olympic Games and Mega Events

This study was commissioned in 2009 by the National Audit Office from COS&R (Professor Ian Henry and Dr. Ling-Mei Ko) and PMP Associates. It involved twin literature reviews (a systematic and a traditional descriptive review) of the implications of lessons learned from previous Olympic Games for the successful staging of London 2012. The report was presented to the NAO in April 2009.

Further details from Ian Henry (I.P.Henry@lboro.ac.uk)

An Evaluation of Sport for All Activity in Europe

In June 2006, the Centre for Olympic Studies and Research (COS&R) was commissioned by the IOC Sport for All Commission to undertake a year-long review of European National Olympic Committees' responses to the Declarations made at the World Sport for All Congresses since 1994. The review which was undertaken by the late Dr. Mick Green (Principal Investigator) and Dr. Shane Collins (Research Associate), sought to provide an overview of policy change in four main areas on which the Declarations from the World Sport for All Congresses have focused.

The aim of the study was to provide the IOC with data in order to develop its Sport for All activities in the future. European NOCs were surveyed on the following areas:

  • The NOC and its relationship to Sport for All policies/programmes

  • The role of Sport for All in promoting public health

  • The 'crisis' in school sport and physical education

  • The economic, social and cultural contributions of Sport for All to society

  • Other governmental/non-governmental policies to support the development of Sport for All

  • An interim report was presented at the World Sport for All Congress in Havana (31 October - 3 November, 2006), and the final report was presented to the IOC Sport for All Commission in Lausanne. A final report is due in November 2007.

An Evaluation of Sport for All Activity in Asia and Oceania

Following the review and evaluation of Sport for All activity in Europe (which focused on the role of European National Olympic Committees), COS&R was subsequently commissioned to undertake a similar review and evaluation in another two continents: Asia and Oceania. This survey was conducted over the period July 2007 - June 2008 by the late Dr. Mick Green (Principal Investigator) and Dr. Shane Collins (Research Associate) and findings were presented at the World Sport for All congress in Kuala Lumpur in November 2008. A final report was presented to to the IOC Sport for All Commission in November 2008.

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