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PhD Projects

Ongoing and recently completed PhD studies on Olympic related research supervised by staff
affiliated with COS&R

  • James Kenyon
    Image impact and the social representations of the 2012 London Olympics.
  • ShuShu Chen
    The Legacy of the 2012 Olympics in a non-hosting region: A Case Study of Leicestershire.
  • Richard Hu
    Elite Sport Policy Change in China: the impact of the 2008 Beijing Games.
  • Donna De Haan
    Analysing the Olympic Experience: Equine Sports in the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • Salisbury Paul
    An analysis of the decision-making process in the bids for three mega sports events.
  • Marie Therese Zammit
    Olympic Solidarity: Evaluation 1980 - 2009.
  • Sarah Melville (Oct 2007, f/t)
    The Impact of the UK School Games on the Competition Structure of Eight Sports.
  • Spiros Kokolakis (Dec 2006, p/t)
    Non-economic Critical Success Factors in Major and Mega-Sporting Events.
  • Kyungsu Jung (July 2007, f/t)
    The Governance of Olympic Sport Organisations.
  • Hyunjoo Cho (Oct 2006, f/t)
    The Olympics and Divided Nations: A Comparative Study of China and Taiwan, East and West Germany, and North and South Korea.
  • Moran Betzer-Tayar
    The Role of Women in Decision-making Positions in Olympic Sport: the Case of the Israeli Volley-Ball Association.

Recently completed studies - Olympic policy related topics

  • Katharine Ilona Berry (2011)
    The Effects of Olympic Inclusion on Sport: the case of trampolining in England.
  • Jae Woo Park (2011)
    Elite Sport Development in Korea: An Analysis of Policy Change.
  • Weiming Wang (2010)
    Critical Evaluation of the Impacts of the Olympic Games: the Case of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
  • Mayumi Ya-ya Yamamoto (2010)
    International Influences on National Policy for Elite Sport Development and Anti-Doping Policy: Case of Japan and the UK.
  • Dawn Aquilina (2009)
    Negotiating Dual Career Paths in Elite Sport and University Education in Finland, France and the UK.
  • Tien-Chin Tan (2008)
    Globalisation and Chinese Sport Policy: Cases of Olympic Movement and Elite Football and Basketball.
  • Aurelie Cometti (2007)
    Mega-sports Event Policy in Marseille 1991-2003, the Football World Cap and the Americas Cup: a Case Study of Urban Governance.
  • Nikolai Böhlke (2006)
    Benchmarking Elite Sport Systems: A Comparison of Selected Operational Management and Communication Processes in Successful Sport Systems.


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