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Dr Marco Pino

Photo of Dr Marco Pino

Research Fellow

My research contributes to understandings of communication and social interaction. I am interested in how people engage in delicate activities in face-to-face interaction and how they manage difficult episodes of communication. For example, I have studied how people complain about mistreatments, how they challenge other people’s perspectives, and how they share sensitive personal information. My findings have practical implications for improving communication in health and social care services.    

I obtained my PhD in Education at the University of Verona with a dissertation on communication between staff and clients within Therapeutic Communities – rehabilitation programmes for people with mental health issues and/or substance misuse problems. I have done post-doctoral research at the University of Verona and the University of Nottingham in two main areas: dyslexia and communication in end-of-life care.

INTERACT (Interaction in Therapeutic Communities) is a two-year research project funded by a Marie Curie Fellowship (FP7-PEOPLE-2013-IEF, Grant Agreement Number 626893). The focus is on communication between professionals and clients within Therapeutic Communities (TCs) for drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation. I am working on several strands of analysis, including how professionals enable clients to share personal experiences; actions that clients implement by sharing their experiences; how professionals criticise clients’ inappropriate behaviours; and how professionals and clients manage episodes of conflict talk. I am also using my findings to design and deliver CARM workshops for TC professionals and clients.

I am currently teaching topics in Social Psychology, including ‘Persuasion’, ‘Influence’ and ‘Communication’, within a module in Psychology in Practice in collaboration with Elizabeth Peel.