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Dr. Ciara Kelly BA Psychology, MSc Occupational Psychology

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Lecturer in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour

Ciara has two established streams of research. Both streams aim to further our knowledge of socially responsible and sustainable practices. One focuses on individual level practices and the other focuses on organisations and industry.

At the individual level her research develops existing understandings of the way in which leisure activities build employee resources to facilitate performance at work while supporting employee wellbeing. Her doctoral research contributes to the literature on work-life enrichment by providing a more nuanced understanding of the roles individuals fulfil, beyond the traditional focus on family. It sheds light on broader mechanisms that facilitate individual success and productivity in the workplace. She does this through intensive longitudinal quantitative methods- often referred to as diary studies.

At the organisational and industry level, her research deals with how businesses and public bodies can positively impact wider society.

Ciara has worked on multidisciplinary projects such as

  • Comparative Police Studies in the EU (COMPOSITE), a European project examining policing processes across countries.
  • Mainstreaming Assisted Living Technology (MALT), a TSB funded project aiming to facilitate the large scale introduction of telehealth technology.
  • Active Workforce Initiative (AWI), a BOHRF funded project examining the impact of positive psychology interventions on the well-being of police and health workers.
  • Business Driven Social Change, an NBS funded review of literature on the techniques and outcomes of business driven social change. 

Work-life balance, proactivity, leisure and work, emotion


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