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Dr Andrea Lagna BA and MA (University of Turin), PhD (University of Sussex)

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Lecturer in International Management and Innovation

Dr. Andrea Lagna is Lecturer in International Management and Innovation. He is part of the International Business, Strategy and Innovation (IBSI) group.

Andrea’s current research agenda concerns digital innovation in the financial sector. He uses historical and ethnographic methods to study FinTech developments in capital markets and trading.

He has previously published interdisciplinary work on the use of financial derivatives in public-debt management and corporate governance.

Andrea is the responsible examiner for the MBA module BSP109 International Management and teaches the BSc module BSC051 International Corporate Governance and Firms.

You can follow him on Twitter.

Key research areas:

  • Organization Theory
  • Political Economy
  • Social Studies of Finance

Andrea is a member of Academy of Management (AOM).

He regularly contributes to The Conversation and SPERI Comment

Lagna, A. (2016) “Derivatives and the Financialisation of the Italian State”, New Political Economy, 21(2): 167-186.

Lagna, A. (2015) “Italian Municipalities and the Politics of Financial Derivatives: Rethinking the Foucauldian Perspective”, Competition & Change, 19(4): 283-300.

Lagna, A. (2015) “Derivatives as Weapons of Mass Deception and Elite Contestation: the Case of FIAT”, in Jessop, B., Young, B. and Scherrer, C. (eds) Financial Cultures and Crisis Dynamics. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 208-228.