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Research students

SBE PhD student Gaby Wolferink

Gaby Wolferink

Research student Gaby Wolferink's work has focused on the effect of volunteering on communities

Current PhD Students

Abrar Alenzi
Supervisors: Dr Andrew Rothwell and Dr Louise Cooke
Dissertation Topic: 'The influence of personal connections on human resource management, knowledge sharing and innovation in Kuwait: The mediating role affective commitment'

Gottfried Catania 
Supervisors: Dr Ray Randall and Dr Cheryl Travers
Dissertation Topic: 'The effects of goal-setting on (un)ethical behaviour in the Maltese financial services industry'

Rosamund Chester Buxton
Supervisors: Dr Nicola Bateman and Dr Ian Hodgkinson
Dissertation Topic: 'How does performance measurement inform performance management in UK public service organisations?'

James Uzoukwu Ejekwumadu
Supervisors: Dr Ray Randall and Dr Cheryl Travers
Dissertation Topic: 'Employment trends and challenges of work-life balance in the Nigerian banking industry'

Hannah Evans
Supervisors: Prof Donald Hislop and Dr Ray Randall
Dissertation Topic: 'The role of personality in shaping work-life boundary management and mobile technology use among home teleworkers'

Maggi Evans
Supervisors: Dr Andrew Rothwell and Prof John Arnold
Dissertation Topic: 'Organizational talent, individual career, exploring the nature and role of formal and informal career conversations in the workplace'

Jamie Ferrill
Supervisors: Prof Christine Coupland and Dr Dan Sage
Dissertation Topic: 'Protecting the Protectors: Leadership, welfare, and engagement in front-line policing'

Thomas Harrison
Supervisors: Dr Iain Coyne and Dr Ciara Kelly 
Dissertation Topic: ‘Testing the relationship between work, happiness and performance’

Ami Sophia Harty
Supervisors: Dr Sarah Barnard and Prof Donald Hislop
Dissertation Topic: 'Parent-entrepreneurs: reimagining work-life through creative self-employment'

Sabrina Heimler
Supervisors: Prof Christine Coupland and Prof Donald Hislop
Dissertation Topic: 'An investigation of sports careers as life stories'

Lynsey Hyslop
Supervisors: Prof Christine Coupland and Dr H McDermott (SSEHS)
Dissertation Topic: 'Sport as work: Careers of professional athletes'

Alka Lalji
Supervisors: Dr Ray Randall and Ruth Hartley
Dissertation Topic: 'The phenomenon of self-employment: Behaviours which affect the psychological contract and then some'

Mark Langdon
Supervisors: Prof John Arnold and Dr E Selenko
Dissertation Topic: 'Assessing the impact of Jobcentre Plus adviser interventions enhanced through behaviour change theory'

Giulia Leghissa
Supervisors: Dr Dan Sage and Dr Dainty (Civil and Building Engineering)
Dissertation Topic: 'Making the zero carbon standard home: Understanding Project-Firl innovation in UK house building'

Karen Maher
Supervisors: Dr Nicola Bateman and Dr Ray Randall
Dissertation Topic: 'Analysing the links between operational effectiveness for the Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) and firefighters’ fitness and wellbeing'

Chrissi McCarthy
Supervisors: Dr Dainty (Civil and Building Engineering), Thompson and Dr Sarah Barnard
Dissertation Topic: 'The relationship between organisational justice and equality and diversity policies in large main contractor organisations in the UK'

Philippa McGregor
Supervisors: Dr Fletcher (SSEHS) and Dr Ray Randall
Dissertation Topic: 'Evaluating the impact of an emotion regulation intervention in elite Youth Development Football'

Chinenye Ogunde
Supervisors: Dr Crispin Coombs and Prof Donald Hislop
Dissertation Topic: 'Balancing Autonomy and control in the management of mobile workers: the role of mobile ICTs'

Divyata Sohal
Supervisors: Prof Donald Hislop and Dr Gillian Ragsdell
Dissertation Topic: 'Enhancing knowledge capability in virtual communities: Redefining the collaboration practices of English Institute of Sport (EIS) practitioners'

Nicola Tanner
Supervisors: Dr Ray Randall and Dr Fletcher (SSEHS)
Dissertation Topic: 'Evaluating the effects of a combined mindfulness and physical exercise programme on well-being'

Sarah Todd
Supervisors: Dr Ray Randall and Prof Christine Coupland
Dissertation Topic: 'Service manager role identities, perception of power and the impact on improvements through patient and public involvement'

Sara Turner
Supervisors: Prof Donald Hislop and Prof Laurie Cohen (external: Nottingham)
Dissertation Topic: 'A post-structuralist analysis of creativity, power and trust in the inter-organisational collaborations between entrepreneurial SMEs and large bureaucratic organisations in the video game industry'

Ghazal Vahidi
Supervisors: Dr Sarah Barnard and Prof John Arnold
Dissertation Topic: 'Representations of career in the printed media over 30 years'

Gabrielle Wolferink
Supervisors: Dr Dan Sage and Prof Karen O'Rielly (Social Sciences)
Dissertation Topic: 'This is not working: An ethnographic exploration of the symbolically violent nature of everyday unemployment and job searching practices'

Araz Zirar
Supervisors: Dr Clive Trusson and Dr Alok Choudhary
Dissertation Topic: 'Analysing the possibility of applying Lean administration in Iraqi Kurdistan'

Recent PhD Graduates


Sandeep Mysore (2016)
Supervisors: Prof Donald Hislop and Prof M.N. Ravishankar
Title of Dissertation: 'Innovations in outsourcing: The emergence of impact sourcing'