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PhD student Sharon Simatwo

Sharon Simatwo

Sharon is currently researching critical systems thinking with the field of knowledge management

Doctoral students join a lively and supportive community of research students, becoming an integral part of the School’s research culture. We welcome approaches from suitably qualified graduates, particularly those with a relevant Masters degree and sufficient funding, who may wish to undertake research projects in the specialist areas of the group, leading to a PhD.  As a research student, you will be encouraged to attend conferences to present your work and develop joint publications with your supervisors.

The Centre has great supervisory experience and is keen to supervise high quality research students in members’ specialist research fields. Recognition of the quality of supervision offered by Centre members has resulted in funding for doctoral students from Research Councils. For students interested in further information on potential PhD projects and supervisors, please look carefully through our webpages.

In addition, the Centre is part of two doctoral training centres, with studentships offered each year:

Below is a list of our PhD students in alphabetical order.

Below is a list of our PhD students in alphabetical order.

Ghosia Ahmed
Supervisor: Dr Gillian Ragsdell
Dissertation Topic: 'Knowledge security: Developing a framework to reduce the intrinsic clash between knowledge sharing and information security in project teams'

Khalid Al Rawahi
Supervisors: Dr Crispin Coombs and Prof Neil Doherty
Dissertation Topic: 'Business intelligence maintenance service management'

Abrar Alenzi
Supervisors: Dr Louise Cooke and Dr Andrew Rothwell
Dissertation Topic: 'The influence of personal connections on human resource management, knowledge sharing and innovation in Kuwait: The mediating role affective commitment'

Mohammad Alhusban
Supervisors: Dr Gillian Ragsdell and Dr S Maynard (external) 
Dissertation Topic: 'Using intellectual capital to support the electronic publishing processes in Jordanian newspapers: Designing and building an innovative framework'

Albayan Alraddadi
Supervisors: Dr Donna Champion (external) and Dr Julie Holland (Nottingham Trent)
Dissertation Topic: 'Factors influencing information systems integration into SMEs in Saudi Arabia'

Mohamed Taher Abdelhady Alrefaie
Supervisors: Prof Tom Jackson and Dr S Summerskill (Design School)
Dissertation Topic: TBC

Abdullah Fahid A Altowayan
Supervisors: Dr Jonathan Seaton and Dr Louise Cooke
Dissertation Topic: ‘Methods and techniques that affect representative/consensual stakeholder participation in IS in Saudi Arabia’

Vipin Chauhan
Supervisors: Dr Gillian Ragsdell and Dr Donna Champion (external: Cranfield)
Dissertation Topic: 'Towards a conceptualisation of knowledge management and transfer within the community and voluntary sector: A case study of Charnwood Connect'

Xuetong Chen
Supervisors: Prof Tom JacksonDr Martin Sykora and Dr Suzanne Elayan
Dissertation Topic: 'Developing learning and adaptive ontology methods'

Rebecca Coates
Supervisors: Prof Tom Jackson and Dr Martin Sykora
Dissertation Topic: 'Semantic social media analysis for smart cities'

Tony Dawson
Dissertation Topic: 'Mental workload and performance in high-risk decision-making: A psycho-physiological study of the effects of human-computer interfaces in policing'
Supervisors: Prof Tom JacksonDr Martin Sykora and Dr S Summerskill (Design School)

Priscilla Ephraim
Supervisors: Prof P Carillo (external) and Dr Gillian Ragsdell
Dissertation Topic: 'A framework for establishing knowledge transfer practice in the Nigerian construction sector'

Craig Fisher
Supervisor: Prof Tom Jackson
Dissertation Topic: 'CDT Embedded Intelligence'

Stephanie Anja Hills
Supervisors: Prof Tom JacksonDr Martin Sykora and Dr Ejovwoke Onojeharho
Dissertation Topic: 'Exploring emotive linguistic cues in social media and electronic communication for the detection of insider threat, terrorist activity, and bullying behaviour'

David Johnson
Supervisors: Dr Muir, Dr Louise Cooke and Prof Tom Jackson
Dissertation Topic: 'Online privacy and e-commerce'

Michael Johnson
Supervisors: Prof Tom Jackson and Dr Mashhuda Glencross (CO)
Dissertation Topic: 'Human-computer interactions within a car environment'

Amar Joshi
Supervisors: Dr Crispin Coombs and Dr Patrick Stacey
Dissertation Topic: 'Information systems success framework for UK Almos and local authorities'

James Lappin
Supervisors: Prof Tom Jackson and Prof Graham Matthews
Dissertation Topic: 'How can important email correspondance best be captured, governed and preserved over time?'

Walter Mansfield
Supervisors: Prof Graham Matthews and Dr Gillian Ragsdell
Dissertation Topic: 'To develop effective knowledge management systems to improve the impact of international development of Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs)'

Josh Morton 
Supervisors: Dr Louise CookeDr Alex Wilson and Prof Bob Galliers
Dissertation Topic: 'A case study based exploration of open strategies in organisations'

Suzi Muchmore 
Supervisors: Dr Gillian Ragsdell and Prof Vicky Story
Dissertation Topic: 'From knowledge transfer to knowledge utilisation: The pursuit of impact within the UK low carbon innovation system'

Kayode Odusanya 
Supervisor: Dr Crispin Coombs
Dissertation Topic: 'Measuring and monitoring benefits realized from it-enabled change'

Josephine Rhema 
Supervisors: Prof Graham Matthews
Dissertation Topic: 'Challenge of providing user experience in cooperative virtual library reference services in the digital age'

Sharon Simatwo 
Supervisors: Prof Tom JacksonDr Gillian Ragsdell and Dr Kalawsky (external)
Dissertation Topic: 'Using Critical Systems Thinking in the provision of a theoretical foundation for Knowledge Management'

Divyata Sohal 
Supervisors: Dr Gillian RagsdellProf Donald Hislop and Brown (external: EIS)
Dissertation Topic: 'Knowledge in high performance sport: Conducting a knowledge management audit at the English Institute of Sport (EIS)'

Adam Colin Steventon
Supervisors: Prof Mark Hepworth and Prof Tom Jackson
Dissertation Topic: 'Outcomes, impacts and measurements of information and knowledge management'

Marzieh Talebpour 
Supervisors: Prof Tom Jackson and Dr Martin Sykora
Dissertation Topic: 'Building the next generation of ontologies'

Sharon Wagg
Supervisors: Dr Louise Cooke and Dr Boyka Simeonova
Dissertation Topic: 'An investigation of digital inclusion communities of practice'

Gavin White
Supervisors: Dr Louise Cooke and Dr Nicola Bateman
Dissertation Topic: 'An investigation into the effect that visualising the file system of a user's PC based upon lexical analysis of content has on reducing the duplication of knowledge at a local and organisational level'

Rui Zhao 
Supervisors: Dr Louise Cooke and Dr Alok Choudhary
Dissertation Topic: 'The relationship between trust and knowledge sharing: perceptions from individuals in Chinese enterprises'