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In 2011, one of the East Midlands’ leading businessmen, Lord Glendonbrook (formerly Sir Michael Bishop), donated £1million to Loughborough University. £500,000 of the donation allowed the University to establish The Glendonbrook Centre for Enterprise Development.

At the heart of the Centre is the remit to ensure that University students not only acquire academic know-how, but also develop enterprising and innovative skills with which to put their knowledge and expertise to good use.

A secondary, but vital, aim of the Centre is to engage with external organisations looking to instil entrepreneurial behaviour in their staff and to develop and hone enterprise and innovation within their business.

Running workshops – both open and bespoke – for companies within the private and public sectors, the Glendonbrook Centre for Enterprise Development has developed an outstanding reputation for helping businesses incorporate these skillsets into their operations and plans, teaching workshops on intellectual property, business planning and the fundamentals of enterprise and innovation.


About Lord Glendonbrook

Lord Glendonbrook is a British businessman and life peer who rose to prominence as the founder of British Midland Airways, better known as BMI.

Lord Glendonbrook

‌‌A former Channel 4 chairman, Lord Glendonbrook was awarded the CBE in 1986 and knighted in 1991. He received an Honorary Degree from Loughborough University in 1989.

Through his charitable foundation, Lord Glendonbrook supports a range of causes throughout the world, including providing the initial funding to open The Glendonbrook Centre for Enterprise Development at Loughborough University as well as funding a number of Doctoral fellowships at the University.