School of Business and Economics

About us

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To develop elite performers capable of creating and leading high-performing businesses and delivering value to society globally, through providing world-class research and education in business and economics, within an environment where the contributions of all members of the School community are valued.

At the School of Business and Economics, we endeavour to advance knowledge through our research, transform students through our teaching and impact practice through our engagement with individuals and organisations.

In short, our mission is to:

Engage - Inspire - Transform


Our vision for the School is of creating an internationally recognised community of learning, of knowledge creation and of practice, which prepares individuals and organisations for the challenges and opportunities of the global economy of the 21st century. It is a vision that is anchored in our longstanding values of intellectual excellence, innovation and relevance but which equally looks forward and embraces the expectations and ambitions of contemporary society. Our commitment is to forging a School which sits at the intersection of contemporary intellectual debate and the real challenges confronting business and policy communities. Through this commitment, our vision is of a School that via all its activities and its pivotal position in the University develops outstanding business leaders, enhances organisational performance, and promotes sustainable growth.

More specifically the School aims to:

  • to be excellent in all we do through attracting and developing excellent staff to deliver excellent research and education
  • to be recognised as an internationally excellent provider of “research that matters‟ in the fields of business and economics
  • to be recognised as be one of the UK’s leading Schools for education in business and economics that develops outstanding graduates
  • to be excellent in fostering interdisciplinary research and education that prepares businesses and society for the challenges of the 21st century

Values and ethos

Our values and core attributes underpin everything we do. We strive to be authentic to the core values and ethos of the School and the University in our strategic direction, the way we are organised and operate, and the way in which we engage with all members of our community. Our values are:

  • Collegiate – active community of staff, students and alumni
  • Innovative and enterprising – fostering enterprise, facilitating change
  • Intellectually excellent – cutting edge conceptually driven research
  • Responsible – promoting ethical behaviour and practice
  • Inspiring – enable and develop students
  • Relevant to practice – engaged research and teaching
  • Collaborative and interdisciplinary – breaking boundaries and partnered
  • Globally oriented – in students, in learning experience, and in research