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Anarchist Research Group

The ARG is based in the School of Social, Political and Geographical Sciences.  Its aims are:

  • to provide an informal space for the discussion, exploration and analysis of anarchist ideas and practices;
  • to support anarchism research across scholarly disciplines in the University;
  • to help raise the profile of anarchist studies through scholarship and public engagement;
  • to co-ordinate with external networks to promote international collaborative work and anarchism research at Loughborough;
  • to organise seminars for postgraduate researchers working on aspects of anarchist history and politics.

The ARG was established in 2008. It is contributes to the Communication, Culture and Citizenship (CCC) Challenge at Loughborough University and is networked nationally with the Anarchist Studies Network (a specialist group of the UK Political Studies Association) and internationally with the Anarchist Studies Initiative at SUNY, Cortland. We are also organising the Critical Citizenship, Activism and Art seminar series with the Politicised Practice Research Group, sponsored by the CCC Challenge.

Our seminars are free and open to all and we make papers and recordings available online. 

If you are interested in receiving more information about our activities, please contact one of the co-ordinators (D.G.Berry@lboro.ac.uk; A.Christoyannopoulos@lboro.ac.uk; or R.E.Kinna@lboro.ac.uk) and see the information below. All are welcome to attend ARG seminars.

Events / Seminars in 2016-17







Antonis Vradis

Loughborough University


Wednesday 25th January, 5PM



Professor Erika Cudworth

The University of East London

Beyond the imperial human: towards a creaturely politics

Wednesday 8th February, 5PM



Professor Peter Ackers

De Montfort University Ackers

Alternatives to State-Socialism in Britain

Wednesday 22nd February, 5PM



Dr. Natasha King

The University of Nottingham

No Borders: the politics of immigration control and resistance

Wednesday the 15th of March at 5PM



Dr. Danny Evans

The University of Leeds

'The Spanish Kronstadt? The Barcelona May days 80 years on' Wednesday the 3rd of May  K1.05  

Professor Carl Levy

Goldsmiths, University of London


Anarchists and the City , Cold War City to Occupy/Square Movements, 1945 -2011


Tuesday 9th May, 5PM



 Previous Events in 2015-16:






Elizabet Vasileva   Anarchist Studies Network Fourth International Conference 14-16 September 2016 Visit the webpage

Scott Crow


What, Me Worry? The Rise Of The Surveillance State & What We Can Do About It

Tuesday 27 October, 5pm

J202 (in the Edward Herbert Building)

Grietje Baars 

City University London

Explaining the 'obvious' interconnection of all struggles: Conversations on veganism, gender and queer liberation with the Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall

Wednesday 27 January, 5pm

K105 (in Manzoni)

Nick Kiersey

Ohio University

Occupy Dame Street and Irish Left Strategy: Lessons and Possible Futures

Wednesday 2 March, 5pm

K105 (in Manzoni)

Colin Bruce


Towards Green Anarchism: Total Liberation and the Abolition of Hierarchy

Wednesday 27 April 5pm

K105 (in Manzoni)

Robert Lamb

University of Exeter

In Defence of the Citizen-Philosopher: Political Theory and the Idea of Expertise

Wednesday 18 May 5pm

K105 (in Manzoni)

For past seminars and files available for download, please see below.


Dave Berry; Alex Christoyannopoulos; Ruth Kinna

Members & Associates:

Professor Peter Ackers, Professor of Employment Relations, Faculty of Business and Law, De Montford University

Dr Maurizio Atzeni, Lecturer in Labour and Industrial Relations, School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University

Will Boisseau, Postgraduate Researcher, Loughborough University

Dr John Cromby, Reader in Psychology, University of Leicester

Dr Jennifer Cooke, Lecturer in English, Department of English and Drama, Loughborough University

James Donaghey, Postgraduate Researcher, Loughborough University

Dr Simon Downs, Lecturer in Graphic Communication, School of the Arts, Loughborough University

Teresa Xavier Fernandes, Postgraduate Researcher, Loughborough University

Dr Cristos Iliopoulos, Former Doctoral Student, Loughborough University

Dr John Nightingale, Former Doctoral Student, Loughborough University

Dr Saku Pinta, Former Doctoral Student, Loughborough University

Dr Alex Prichard, Lecturer in Politics, Department of Politics, University of Exeter

Dr Sureyyya Turkeli, Former Doctoral Student, Loughborough University

Dr Gillian Whiteley, Senior Lecturer in Visual and Material Culture, School of the Arts, Loughborough University

Dr Gwendolyn Windpassinger, Former Doctoral Student, Loughborough University

Dr Matthew Wilson, Former Doctoral Student, Loughborough University

The following publications are freely available on the university's Institutional Repository. See also below for papers and videos of ARG seminars.

PhD theses completed at Loughborough:

Christos Iliopoulos,  Nietzsche and anarchism: an elective affinity and a nietzschean reading of the December 08 revolt in Athens

John Nightingale, The Concept of Solidarity in Anarchist Thought

Saku Pinta, Towards a libertarian communism: a conceptual history of the intersections between anarchisms and Marxisms

Alex Prichard, Justice, order and anarchy: the international political theory of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (1809-1865)

Sureyya Turkeli, What is anarchism? A reflection on the canon and the constructive potential of its destruction

Gwendolyn Windpassinger, Queer anarcha-feminism: an emerging ideology? The case of Proyectil Fetal

Matthew Wilson, Rules without rulers: the possibilities and limits of anarchism

Publications by current staff:

Dave Berry

Alexandre Christoyannopoulos (see personal website for more)

Ruth Kinna

Dave Berry

  • ‘“Workers of the world embrace!” Homophobia in the French Extreme Left’, Public talk, Cowley Club Bookshop, Brighton, 11 May 2011.
  • ‘Entrevista a los creadores del grupe de investigación: Anarchist Studies Network’, in CNT. Organo de la Confederación Nacional del Trabajo no.364 (February 2010), 4pp.
  • ‘Anarchist Scholarship’ (Interview) in ZNet – The Spirit of Resistance Lives, 29 August 2008
  • ‘Anarchist Scholarship’ (Interview) in Revolution by the Book: The AK Press Blog (2008)
  • ‘A Failed Revolution? The experience of the French Popular Front of 1936-38’ in Anarcho-Syndicalist Review no.48/49(Winter 2008), pp.34-38.


Alex Christoyannopoulos

  • 'War & Peace: Tolstoy's unconventional Christianity', Premier Christianity, 12 January 2016.
  • 'In Depth' live interview with Ed Stagg, BBC Radio Leicester, aired 3 February 2015, 08:30 to 59:38.
  • 'Christian anarchism', Public talk, DaseinLab philosophy café, Athens, December 2014
  • ‘The Golden Rule on the Green Stick: Leo Tolstoy’s Postsecular International Thought’, Keynote talk, Dialogue of Civilizations: World Public Forum, Rhodes, Greece, September 2014, available available via on WPF 2014 livestream (24:00 to 46:40).
  • ‘Tolstoy and Christian Anarchism’, Public talk, Leicester Secular Society, October 2013
  • ‘It's Only Shorthand for a Cluster of Ideas and Practices’, JesusRadicals, 20 July 2012
  • ‘Contrasting Revolutions: Russia, China, Spain and Iran’, Public talk, Peace News Summer Camp, near Shrewsbury, June 2012
  • ‘Should Christians be Anarchists?’, New Left Project, 8 June 2012
  • ‘Le Christianisme libertaire’, Public talk, Christianisme et subversion atelier organised by L’association culturelle de Boquen and Le Mouvement du christianisme social, Paris, France, February 2012
  • ‘Nev-i Şahsına Münhasır Bir Hristiyan Anarşist: Tolstoy’, Qijika Reş Dergisi'nin 5. Sayısı Çıktı, January 2012, 115-119
  • ‘Exclusive Interview with Alexandre Christoyannopoulos, author of Christian Anarchism’, Interview, The Firebrand: A Magazine of Liberatory Politics, 11 July 2011
  • ‘The biblical roots of Christian anarchism’, Public talk, Catholic Worker ‘Eurogathering’, near London, June 2011
  • ‘An Introduction to Christian Anarchism’, Interview, The Mormon Worker, issue 10, 28 April 2011
  • ‘Putting God back in His Throne: Christian anarchists on 1 Samuel 8’, Public talk, Finchley Progressive Synagogue, London, December 2010
  • ‘De Tolstoï et Ellul aux Catholic workers, redécouvrir et interroger les perspectives d'une théologie politique de la subversion’, Public talk and atelier at ‘Parvis: Grand Rassemblement’ conference, Lyon, France, November 2010
  • ‘Tolstoy's Anarchism’, Radio interview with C. S. Soong, KPFA (Pacifica) Radio’s Against the Grain programme, 8 September 2008
  • ‘Una discusión sobre anarquismo cristiano: Entrevista a Alexandre Christoyannopoulos’, Interview by Pedro García Guirao, Erosión: Revista de Pensamiento Anarquista número 3, December 2013, pp. 111-120
  • ‘Was Jesus an Anarchist?’, Radio interview with William Crawley, BBC Radio Ulster’s Sunday Sequence programme, 29 May 2011
  • ‘Was Jesus an Anarchist?’, Interview, Will and Testament, William Crawley's BBC blog, 17 May 2011


Uri Gordon

  • Anarchist politics in the revolutions of our time, Café Scientifique, Nottingham, 2014
  • Anarchists Against the Wall, 2014 Public talks and book presentations at: The Cowley Club, Brighton; New Anarchist Research Group, London; Leicester People’s University; Five Leaves Bookshop, Nottingham; States of Independence student conference, De Montfort
  • Anarchism and the politics of technology, 2014 Public talks at: Breaking the Frame gathering, Derbyshire; Earth First! Summer gathering, Devon
  • Anarchismus und Technologie, ASTA / FH Düsseldorf, 2014
  • Panelist on war in Gaza, Reclaim Power gathering, Blackpool, 2014
  • Participant research in the Israeli Tent Protests, Panelist, Israel Center for Democracy, 2012
  • Die Utopie in den Alltag tragen. tachles: Das jüdische Wochenmagazin 12:9, 2012 
  • ‘Anarchism: The A Word’, The New Internationalist 443, 2011
  • ‘System change, not climate change’, Ha’aretz, 10 December 10 2009
  • ‘Why the G20 can't deliver’, Ha’aretz, 10 April 2009; in Russian: Aнархизм: слово на буква «А», socialistinfo.ru, October 13; in Japanese: アナーキストとは何か, NI Japan 131


Ruth Kinna

  • Interview on anarchy and anarchism, www.minerva.audio, January 15 2016
  • Contributor to discussion on anarchism in the academy, ‘El ascenso del septentrión negro. Entrevista sobre los estudios anarquistas en Quebec e Inglaterra’, Opticon, no. 192,  http://opcion.itam.mx
  • 'Slavery and the anarchist rejection of democracy', public talk, 2015 Mellon Symposium organised by Andrew Cornell, Haverford College, Philadelphia PA., 27 March 2015. http://ww3.haverford.edu/HCAH/center/events/anarchism.php 
  • 'Is anarchism a useful ideology', BushGreen Live Debate at Bush Theatre, London, 27 May 2015 online at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHEoeQ1sqq0
  • 'An Anarchist Guide to Christmas', STRIKE! Magazine, November 2014
  • 'Anarchism', Public talk, Bread and Roses Weekend, Nottingham Writers Studio, 23 November 2014
  • 'Anarchism', Podcast Interview, Stand Up and Fight Back, 30 September 2014
  • 'Waving bye-bye', Seminar, London Anarchism Research Group, 27 September 2014
  • 'An Anarchist Guide to Feminism', STRIKE! Magazine, 14 July 2014
  • 'Anarchy and Anarchist Studies', Public talk, Housmans bookshop, London, 25 January 2014
  • 'Self-seekers, madmen and poets', Public talk, Café Scientifique, Nottingham, 18 November 2013
  • 'Imagined Futures', Public talk, Friends of the William Morris Gallery, 22 May 2013
  • 'Guy Aldred', Mayday Magazine, #7, Winter 2012-13
  • 'Fighting for a Cause', Documentary interview, William Morris Gallery, 16 April 2012
  • 'Remembering Colin Ward', Public talk, Housmans bookshop, London, 7 December, 2011
  • 'Anarchism', Public talk, Café Scientifique, Nottingham, 14 November 2011
  • 'Guy Aldred: Rebel with a cause', Berfrois, 30 September 2011
  • 'Anarchism', Public talk, Lowdham Book Festival, 25 June 2011
  • 'Anarchism', Guest post, Liberal England 24 March 2011
  • 'Anarchism', Public talk, Independent Publishers Fair, 'States of Independence', De Montfort University, March 2011
  • 'Proudhon', Nightwaves, Radio 3, 14 January 2009
  • 'Anarchism' online interview, November 2009

Past speakers (2014-15)

An exciting innovation in 2014-15 was the Critical Citizenship, Activism and Art Series 2014-15, whereby The Politicized Practice Research Group and the Anarchism Research Group joined forces with a broader range of Loughborough researchers to convene a series of events on Critical Citizenship, Activism and Art. The events, under the banner of the Communication, Culture and Citizenship Research Challenge, exhibited and reflected on the use of diverse forms of art to question prevailing political, economic and cultural orthodoxies. In our shrinking world, where communication media remain dominated by entrenched interests and surveillance, critical citizens are developing creative tactics and performances to provoke debate in the public sphere. This series is a space to showcase and critically discuss art activists’ efforts to give a voice to the excluded, promote inclusive alternatives, and enrich global culture and citizenship. This series builds on local multidisciplinary strengths and specialisms, and contributes to the University’s strategic ambitions to enhance the global community’s social, cultural and economic wellbeing, to put forward solutions to contemporary global challenges, and to impact national and international citizenship practices.

Past speakers (2012-13)

Name Affiliation Title Date Room
Allan Antliff University of Victoria

Pacifist-Anarchism and the Arts: Kenneth Patchen, Jackson MacLow, John Cage and Donald Judd

31 October, 5-6:30pm A204 (Schofield)
Kathy Ferguson Hawaii

Anarchist women of the first wave

7 November, 5-6:30pm A204 (Schofield)
Diogo Duarte Instituto de Historia Contemporânea, Lisbon Anarchism and the State in Portugal in the early 20th century 5 December, 5-6:30pm A204 (Schofield)
Peter Ryley Independent
Anarchism's Hidden Histories: Researching Individualism in 19th Century Britain
13 February, 5-6:30pm A204 (Schofield)
Uri Gordon Loughborough Contemporary Anarchist Critiques of the State 24 April, 5-6:30pm A204 (Schofield)
Constance Bantman Surrey Transnational lives - internationalism and nationalism in Belle Epoque anarchism 1 May, 5-6:30pm A204 (Schofield)

Past speakers (2011 - 2012)

Name Affiliation Title Date
Georgios Sagriotis Panteion and Patras

Benjamin and Anarchism (paper available below)

Anthony Fiscella Lund University, Center for Theology and Religious Studies From Anarcho-Fascism to Libertarian Spirituality: What Does it Men to be Free? 29/11/11
Christos Memos University of York Anarchism and Marxism: In Search of Lost Revolutionary Time 18/1/12
Judy Greenway East London ‘Not the Church and not the State, women must decide our fate’: anarchist feminists and the politics of reproduction. 8/2/12
Diane Morgan Leeds Seriality and Everyone's Place Under the Sun: Proudhon with Kant (paper available below) 7/3/12
Andrew Cornell Université Stendhal - Grenoble 3  The Evolution U.S. Anarchism in the Mid-20th Century: From Mother Earth to the Fifth Estate 25/4/12
Richard Morgan UCL  Hygiene is the best of medicines': Petr Kropotkin and Criminological Science.  16/5/12

Past speakers (2010-11)

Name Affiliation Title Date
Cris Iliopoulos Loughborough The anarchist aspects of Nietzsche's philosophy (paper available below)
Maurizio Atzeni Loughborough Worker Occupations in Argentina (paper available here) 26/01/11
Charlotte Alston Northumbria Tolstoyism: An international movement in the late 19th / early 20th centuries  09/03/11 
Emma Dixon  Bangor  Women, Love and Anarchism: Anarcho-Sexism and The Rise of British Second Wave Feminism  04/05/11 
Gabriel Kuhn  independent Gustav Landauer, Erich Mühsam, and Anarchism in Germany  05/05/11

Past speakers (2010)

Name Title Date
Saul Newman Postanarchism and contemporary politics (paper available below) 10/12/08 
Paul McLaughlin  Bakunin and Marx: An Unbridgeable Chasm? (paper available below) 26/01/09 
Ben Franks Anarchism and the Problem of Political Philosophy (slides available below) 13/05/09 
Paul Blackledge  Between science and morality: Victor Serge and Simon Critchley on Marxism, anarchism and the ethics of anti?capitalism  10/03/10

Seminar papers/slides for download: