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Advanced Systems, Modelling and Simulation Research Group

The Advanced Systems, Modelling and Simulation Research Group undertakes leading research into challenging complex systems problems involving enterprises, people, processes and technologies.

Our research advances modelling and simulation methods to provide greater insight and understanding, encompassing a wide range of methods from abstract mathematical representations, sophisticated computer simulations through to hardware in the loop simulation. The focus of this research is not only on development of better modelling and simulation methodologies, but also on the application of state of the art techniques to help understand and predict the behaviour of complex systems. Applications for our research span many industry sectors including aerospace, automotive, construction, counter-terrorism, defence, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, transport and virtual engineering.

At the heart of our approach is the strong desire to balance stakeholder perspectives with input from engineering and non-engineering disciplines. This application of a multi-disciplinary systems engineering methodology is key to performing the cross-domain trade-offs required to deliver future optimal solutions.

Verification, validation and assurance are foremost in our minds as we develop appropriate model based systems engineering solutions.

The Group is responsible for the Advanced VR Research Centre and UK Systems-NET.

Academic Staff

Prof Roy Kalawsky [group leader]
Prof Ron Summers
Dr Vince Dwyer
Dr Sijung Hu

Associated Members

Dr Eran Edirisinghe – Computer Science
Dr Donna Champion – Business School
Dr Samir Dani – Business School
Dr John Ward – School of Mathematics

Visiting Academics

Prof Tom Spyt (NHS Hospitals (Glenfield)
Dr Richard Keal (NHS Hospitals (Glenfield)
Prof Stephen Cook – University of South Australia (Adelaide)
Dr Jean-Marc Schleich
Dr Chi-Biu Wong (Bill) (DMU)
Prof Andrew Bradley (BAE Systems)

Research Associates

Demetrios Joannou
Dr Gema Styles
Dr Yingchun Tian
Antara Bhatt

Research Students

Ian Holmes
Ashraf Al-Najdawi (Successfully completed PhD 2010)
Dan Barry
Abijeet Ghadge
Darryl Friend
Craig Grocott
Petri Vitellio
Glen Callow
Greg Alliss
Ryan Imms
Tariq Abdulla
Karthik Ramalingham

Group Secretary/Administrator

Sharon Want

Research Specialisms

  • Advanced collaborative environments
  • Advanced visualization
  • Autonomous systems
  • Autonomy
  • Complex system behaviour modelling and representation
  • Emergence in systems
  • High performance computing
  • Human factors
  • Human in the loop simulation
  • Idotypic networks
  • Integrated sensor simulation
  • Integrated training
  • Machine vision
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Medical imaging
  • Model based systems engineering
  • Reaction diffusion equations
  • Semi-autonomous systems
  • Synthetic and virtual environments
  • Systems engineering
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Visual analytics
  • Virtual engineering
  • Virtual manufacturing

Our research is strongly supported both by government agencies such as EPSRC, MoD, TSB and by major industrial organisations. Over the years the group has developed strong links with research groups in Australia, France, Netherlands and USA.