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Min Nah Tong  

Upon completion of my MSc. in Polymer Technology in 2007 (where I obtained a prize for best MSc. project), I was offered this Ph.D project by my current supervisor (Prof. Jon Binner). It is a sponsorship from Rolls-Royce Fuel Cell Systems Ltd. to work on a ceramic material for fuel cell application. The enthusiasm and determination to acquire, together with the thirst for knowledge always drive me towards advance learning. It is naturally appealing to take up the challenge.

Besides my daily research work, I undertook teaching for undergraduates and postgraduates. I was also given the opportunity to co-supervise final year project students and act as a mentor to guide them through the project. I am also appointed as the Student Ambassador for Singapore of the Department of Materials where I promote and offer assistance for both current and prospective students. I am also actively involved in intern students from Singapore on arranging accommodation to supervision of project during their stint.

I am now coming very close to finishing my Ph.D and have been officially offered a Postdoctorate, as a Research Associate to proof the concept of a ceramic material in the biomedical application. I will like to continue in the line of research and possibly develop the technology and provide to the society. I would also like to be able to transfer my knowledge to the next generation through teaching or my research. 

The versatility of a UK education allows better knowledge transfer. The environment and structure of education encourage interest in learning and creativity. The Universities often provides a bridge with industrial partners who then develop on the research carried out and Loughborough University believes in striving forward and providing training for postgraduate research students to better equip them in both academic and industrial aspects.


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