Language Centre

Modules for credit

Student smiling in language class

We provide a progressive range of single-semester, 10-credit language modules in French, German or Spanish from complete beginners through to the equivalent of final-year degree level. Mandarin Chinese is also available at levels 1-6.

Through your language modules you will practise a range of transferable skills that will help you in your own field: face-to-face communication, formal and informal presentations, negotiating, convincing and mediating, producing multi-media materials, building a social media CV, summarising and conveying information in writing.

You will develop all four skills in your chosen language in small, interactive classes, and will gain greater cultural competence as you move up the levels.

The advantage of the system is its flexibility, which means that you can take a language at any level for as long as you wish (depending on particular degree programme regulations). On some degree courses you can take two languages, provided you already have an A-Level or equivalent in one of them. We teach a wide range of students from across all departments.