Dr Helena Pimlott-Wilson Ph.D. (Liverpool)

Photo of Dr Helena Pimlott-Wilson

Lecturer in Human Geography

Academic Career

2015 onwards: Lecturer in Human Geography, Loughborough University. 
2012-15: British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, Loughborough University. 
2008-2011: Research Associate, Loughborough University. 
2008: Research Associate, University of Nottingham. 
2007-2008: Research Fellow, University of Surrey. 
2004-2007: Senior Research Consultant, Insite Research and Consultancy.

I am a social and cultural geographer with interests in the ‘Geographies of Children, Youth and Families’ and work and employment.

My recent work brings together these themes investigating the school-to-work ambitions and family life aspirations of young people drawn from socio-economically diverse areas.  Funded by the British Academy, this work explores the emotion burdens young people anticipate as they endeavour to achieve a successful future in the context of an individualising political milieu of aspiration and economic uncertainty.  The research also looks at the combined effects gender ideology, local labour markets and family employment history have on young peoples’ attitudes to work-life balance for both themselves and their parents.

I am also interested in the geographies of education and learning, examining how neoliberal education policy is implemented, experienced, accepted and resisted by educators anddiverse subjects of education.  Through a focus on primary education, this research is concerned with the localised implementation of neoliberal policy, the growth of enrichment activities and the interplay between parenting education and local moral geographies of mothering. 

My research interests also encompass: (i) international higher education and the mobility ofUK and Kazakh students; (ii) educational strategies that contribute to overcoming inequalities and promote social cohesion in schools; (iii) children’s experiences of parental employment and gender roles.


Year 1: Geographies of Identity.

Year 2: Geographical Research - Design and Practice. 

Year in Industry:  Placement Director (module convenor). 

Final year: Feminist Geographies of Home; Dissertation.

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