Dr Heike Jöns Dr. phil. (Heidelberg)

Photo of Dr Heike Jöns

Reader in Human Geography

Academic career

2016 onwards: Reader in Human Geography, Loughborough University

2013: Recipient of HEA Mike Baker Doctoral Programme Award
2012-2016: Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, Loughborough University. 
2010 onwards: Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA). 
2007-2012: Lecturer in Human Geography, Loughborough University. 
2006: Olympia Morata Research Fellow, University of Heidelberg. 
2005: Recipient of “Mother Earth” prize for outstanding research in human geography, Voss Foundation for Geography. 
2004: Feodor Lynen Research Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, University of Nottingham. 
2002: Research Associate, DFG Project Internationale Wissenschaftsbeziehungen funded by the German Research Foundation, University of Heidelberg. 
2002 awarded: PhD in Human Geography, summa cum laude, University of Heidelberg. 
1997-2002: PhD Researcher and Lecturer in Human Geography, University of Heidelberg.

Professional responsibilities

2014-15: Member of the Leibniz Society’s Evaluation Commission of the Leibniz-Institut für Länderkunde (IfL) in Leipzig, Germany
2013-15: Advisory Group Member, The 16th International Conference of Historical Geographers 2015
2014-: Committee member, History and Philosophy of Geography Research Group (HPGRG), RGS-IBG.
2007-14: Secretary, History and Philosophy of Geography Research Group (HPGRG), RGS-IBG.
2004-13: Editorial Board Member, Social Geography.

My research focuses on highly skilled mobility, knowledge production and the geographies of the university from historical and longitudinal perspectives. Most of my work has examined transnational mobility of researchers and academics and the related geographies of knowledge production. Building on detailed discussions of suitable conceptual resources (Jöns 20022006200720102015Jöns et al. 2015), I have been particularly interested in the role of travel for the formation of knowledge nodes and networks; in subject-specific cultures of academic travel; in the motivations, experiences and outcomes of academic mobility and how these vary by home/host countriesgendercareer stagediscipline/research practice and biographical ties.

Recently, I have begun to develop collaborative work on universities from two perspectives. The first explores recent trends in global higher education through a critical engagement with internationalisation strategies and world university rankings. The second studies the historical geographies of British universities. As the country coordinator for Germany in the FP7-project POCARIM  (funded by the European Commission), I am researching the career trajectories and impact of PhD graduates in the social sciences and humanities from German and other European universities in collaboration with Dr Hannah Deakin and 12 European partners.

My teaching examines transnational mobilities, highly skilled migration and knowledge production.

Current postgraduet research students

Jordan Dawson: The impact of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London on park visitors and local youth
Natalie Tebbett: Internationalising UK Students through migrant academic staff.

Recent postgraduate research students

Hannah Deakin (2012): Erasmus student workplace mobility: A UK Perspective.
Kelly Wakefield (2013): Transnational Higher Education Networks for Learning and Teaching in Geography.
Lucia Paul (2013): Transylvanian saxons migration from Romania to Germany: The formation of a Return diaspora.
Ulrike Waellisch (2010): Geographies of creative production: The perspective of Visual Artists in Paris.

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Jöns, H (2009) 'Brain Circulation' and transnational knowledge networks: studying long-term effects of academic mobility to Germany, 1954-2000Global Networks, 9(3), pp.315-338. DOI: 10.1111/j.1471-0374.2009.00256.x.