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Student testimonials

Here’s what some of our postgraduate students (past and present) have to say about their experiences.

Abrar Mohamed (Internet Computing and Network Security)

I have loved the way the course is structured. It is a new way of learning for me and I personally think it is a very interesting way of teaching

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Fiona Hughes (Information Technology)

I was very impressed at the depth and breadth of the course. The quality of teaching is excellent, as is the support given.

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Samuel Adema (Advanced Computer Science)

Every module I have taken here has had an extensive practical component where I get the chance to gain hands-on experience

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Udoka Ezealor (Information Technology)

The course’s technical depth, relevance and quality of tutelage are of a high standard that I believe employers will value

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Mehdi Mousavi (Internet Computing and Network Security)

Loughborough has helped me to realise my true potential and what I really want to do in the future.

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Doug Taylor (Computer Science)

The course, staff and the whole department have opened the door for me to work on the cutting edge of this exciting industry, for which I will always be grateful.

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Niraj Doshi (Digital Imaging, Computer Graphics and Vision)

Niraj, a graduate of the Department of Computer Science talks us through his journey, what initially attracted him to Loughborough University and his thoughts on being an international student at a UK university.

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Zhenyu Chen (Internet Computing and Network Security MSc graduate, PhD student)

To anyone thinking of coming to Loughborough to study, I would say that a one-year MSc course can be quite intense, but if you prepare yourself and work hard, you will learn a lot in a relatively short time and it will be a great experience in your life as well.

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Manal Al-Rawahi (International Computing and Network Security)

Loughborough University has helped me achieve many goals by helping me develop good knowledge in networking and computing as well as developing transferable skills such as management , research, independent-working and teamwork.

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