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Funding and Studentships

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Supplementing your income

At Loughborough University, several Professional Services provide opportunities for doctoral students to supplement their income.

Hall of Residence Subwardenship:

Each hall of residence at Loughborough University has a Warden’s team comprising of a Hall Warden and several Subwardens (the number of which depends on the size of the hall).

Free accommodation (suitable for a single person) is available to all Subwardens throughout the year. Meals are provided to Subwardens residing in catered hall of residence. For those in self-catered halls, meals are provided during term time throughout the diners+ scheme.

Subwardens assist the Warden in the day-to-day running of the hall. This may involve pastoral, disciplinary and administrative duties as well as being involved in the social aspects of hall life. Subwardens provide out-of-hours emergency cover to residents and help to ensure the smooth running of the hall.

Subwardenships are only available to Postgraduate Research Students.

For more information, visit Loughborough University’s job vacancy pages and search 'subwarden'.

Community Subwardens:

There are also community subwardens, who help and support all students living off campus in the Loughborough area. These are paid positions, with no accommodation attached, and they are open to both staff and Postgraduate Research Students.

For more information, visit Loughborough University’s job vacancy pages and search 'subwarden'.

Part-time paid employment:

The University and Imago offer work opportunities on a part-time basis to students throughout term time and during vacation periods in the following areas:

  • Dining Hall Assistants
  • Kitchen Porters and Assistants
  • Reception and Concierge Cover
  • Bar work
  • Conference Work
  • Cleaning

For latest vacancies, please visit Loughborough University’s job vacancy pages.

Visa International students please note:

If you are on a Student visa (previously Tier 4) there are very strict rules governing how much you can work during your studies. 

Work limits include all part-time employment (i.e. may be made up of hours worked for different employers), whether paid or unpaid. Tier 4 students may freely undertake ‘volunteering activity’ but time spent undertaking ‘voluntary work’ may count towards the weekly limit.

Please see the Working during your studies webpage for full guidance