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Shanghai Expo 2010 - A Visitor Survey of the Belgian EU Pavilion

P. De Groote and P. Denier

Between 1 May and 31 October 2010, Shanghai was host to the biggest World Expo, covering an area of 528 ha with 246 participating countries and international organisations. The Expo welcomed over 73 million visitors, a record number in the more than 160-year history of the World Expo. The subject was “Better City, Better Life”, a call for improving our cities through well-considered urban planning and sustainable development.

The Belgian-EU Pavilion welcomed approximately 6 million visitors. An online survey of visitors was conducted in the Pavilion, covering visitor profiles, reactions to the Pavilion, knowledge of Belgium and of Belgian participation in Expo Shanghai 2010.

This report presents the main findings of the visitor survey.

Visitor Survey - Belgian EU Pavilionpdf file