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GaWC Resources are intended to act as aids to researchers, teachers, students and practitioners interested in external relations of world cities. Potential GaWC Resources include bibliographies, collections of websites, teaching materials and other relevant items for understanding "The world according to GaWC".

Since this is a public forum you are free to refer to GaWC Resources in your research/teaching with the usual acknowledgement through full referencing (i.e. to include web address).

INVITATION: World city researchers are invited to post resources for research and/or teaching purposes in this section. Please send your contribution as a file attached to an email message. (Contact:

GaWC Resource 5: 'Bibliographic Survey of ‘Interlocking Network Model’-Inspired Research'
(B. Derudder and C. Parnreiter)
GaWC Resource 4: 'The Position of the Dutch 'Noordvleugel' and 'Zuidvleugel' within Worldwide Economic Networks'
(R. Wall)
GaWC Resource 3: 'The Position of the North Wing within International M&A Networks'
(R. Wall and M. Burger)
GaWC Resource 2: 'Shanghai Expo 2010 - A Visitor Survey of the Belgian EU Pavilion'
(P. De Groote and P. Denier)
GaWC Resource 1: 'Cities in Europe – Europe of Cities: A Bibliography'
(M. Hoyler)