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The following briefing notes are intended to act as aids to researchers who wish to work on projects with the ultimate aim of contributing to the GaWC World City Relational Data Bank. For the accumulation of such data to be useful, there needs to be some standardization in the methods of collection.

GaWC Research Briefing 1: 'An Organizational Measure of Relations: The Locational Strategies of Advanced Producer Services'
(R.G. Smith and P.J. Taylor)

GaWC Research Briefing 2: 'A Labour Measure of Relations: Skilled Inter-City Migration' 
(J.V. Beaverstock)

GaWC Research Briefing 3: 'A Surrogate Measure of Relations: Content Analysis of "Business News"
(P.J. Taylor)

GaWC Research Briefing 4: 'Preparing Data for the Global Observatory'
(D.R.F. Walker)

GaWC Research Briefing 5: 'The GaWC Inventory of World Cities
(P.J. Taylor)